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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"The one with Sue's post..."

Praise to God Almighty.

I was killing time reading up blogs of fellow mates, when I stumbled across this lovely entry a friend of mine posted. She's celebrating the welcome of someone dear to her who'd embraced the spirit of Islam.

What touched me is how her friend wrote this email - simple, direct and thought provoking.

This is what she posted :


Right now I can't describe my feeling...what I can say is that..I am happy..
I am soo happy..but at the same time..a little bit worry...takut..because
I have a very big show Adam the right way.
I pray hard that Allah will help us and give His hidayah. Amin.

Really appreciate for what Dr. Bimo and Azira have written down here...

Leow and Sue, tahniah for both of you! I know yesterday was Leow's big
day but I'm sure Sue was so happy as well on that day.

I admire you because you've made a very big decision; it might be the
biggest and most difficult decision in your life. Not everyone can
make that kind of decision, especially in Malaysia. You're a grown
person and you know what's the best for your life. And no one, NO ONE
can dictate you to go here and there. You're responsible for your own
life and I'm sure that's the reason you made that decision.

Being a Muslim should not separate you from your family or old
friends. Every of us is trying to approach God with our own way. There
are thousands way to approach God; we called them Islam, Christian,
Hindu, Buddha, Jew, etc. Our God is same, just the way to approach Him
is different. Like someone wants to go to UPM, he could go through
many ways: pintu 5, main gate, pintu Fakulti Medic, or lompat pagar,
ha ha ha. Different ways but the same goal. You chose Islam not
because Islam's God is better than the others. You chose Islam because
you think Islam is the best way to approach God. Same like me, I chose
pintu Fakulti Medic to go to UPM because that's the best route for me.
Other people can choose other route to go to UPM as well.

In Islam, it is said: "kalimatus sawaa" (meeting point, one point
where different religions have the same point of understanding that
there's a Superpower who created us, which is God)

I think I need to deliver those aforementioned points because some
people feel they have to make a distance with their family and friends
after becoming a Muslim. No, you can't do that. Even, Islam teaches us
to respect our parents no matter what their religion is. Islam teaches
us to have a good relationship with other people regardless what their
faith is. Because between Muslim and non-Muslim we have the same
"meeting point", which is God.

Islam is simple. If you feel Islam is difficult and complicated, it
means you learn Islam from the wrong source. I want to show you one
example how simple Islam is.

When I was in Stuttgart, my housemate is an Albanian muslim. He never
sembahyang because he has been in Germany since born. I fact, I have
to teach him how to pray. One day he took some breadcrumbs (roti yang
dah kering) and he asked me to follow him. We went to a small lake in
the campus and he fed the birds with breadcrumbs. He told me: "this is
what Islam teaches us, to save one life everyday." It impresses me a
lot, how he understands Islam with a simple way but very-very

So, let me say "Assalamualaikum" to you. We welcome you,
our new brother. And I hope you'll find the true happiness in Islam.

Bimo & Azira
Lawrence - KS
- Excerpt from Suriana's "Aku dan MIMPI-MIMPIKU"

It's true when he says that we pray to the same God, but our ways are different. Apparently, we're aren't that unique from each other.

God works in ways that will always suprise us.


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