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Sunday, August 05, 2007

"The one with the art of giving..."

I was enticed by an article I read this morning in the NST;

" his subtle ways, he'd invite us in for a meal without making us feel that we're in need of charity. That was something I learned from him - to give from the heart, and not make the recipient feel that he or she is in need..."

This excerpt entailing the wonderful life of our late father of independence had moved me so much. How wonderful really, that we overlook the joys and plethoras that we gain from the simple pleasure of giving. It's sadly something of absence these days, and ironic that it was so abundant many years ago in times where we didn't have much to spare. Alas, but in the debts and difficulties there was always that strong spirit of giving among our forefathers. I believe that is why we were a once revered and well respected nation in the past.

A slight gesture of giving can go a long way - it can dramatically affect someone's day; or in some cases one's whole life. I remember reading an article about a blessed-couple giving out a USD50,000 tip to a waitress to pursue her dream on education. That's huge.

Within all of us God has given the full calamity of giving. The choice of embracing it once and a while, is up to us.

It is after all, why we're here in the first place. To make choices.


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