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Friday, January 19, 2007

"The One with the vacation pictures..."

Happy New Year people! Forgive me for blatantly delaying each post update on my blog these days but it seems to me that we usually don't have quite the motivation to do work in a diligent phase so early into the year. Maybe it's just me but I have a feeling the trait's commonly shared.

So, in light of this mood here's a (very) small compilation of pictures I took on my vacation back in KK a few weeks during the New Year holidays.

The night before Aidiladha; our kitchen might be small, but it never lacks great food prepared with so much love. This year all mom got a hand from her two anak dara so it's wasn't that hard la for her...I guess.

Of course, what holiday vacation would be complete without the sense of rekindling with the one who stole your heart willingly?

Good friends back home, whom I missed every time I leave KK. The ones that made my varsity life bearable at some point.

I'll post an entry soon, I promise. I feel an inspiration to blabble waiting around the corner.


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