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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"The one with having so much questions...."

We ask ourselves a lot of questions, on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet does. Consciously or unconsciously, we do. Questions which regards diverse aspects; from as mere as what we'd like to eat, to more profound questions like, where we're in life.

Honestly, we don't have all the answers. So this leaves a lot of hollow marks whether to how humble we actually are. Predicting the future has never been one of man's inheritance; history immortalized many crude disastrous mistak
es we've inflicted upon ourselves, and after thousands of years we're still learning our ways in the world.

On a much smaller scale, yes we constantly question ourselves. Whether what we're doing is right or not. Whether we're supposed to do what we're doing. What if we're destined to do other stuff other than this? Or maybe doing this is j
ust not suitable for us? Do we take a step backwards, or do we converge a step forward? Should I indulge into something out of my circle of comfort, or should I just stick to what I'm happy doing? Or should I do something that I myself am not sure of? These, and many many more are those mind-boggling questions that frequently roam countless minds and render many insomniacs around the globe.

The fact is, most of these questions can't be answered until justified. The fact is, we can ask ourselves all the questions in the world but it all goes down to the fact that there's nothing we can do until we really do something about it. Confused? I am.
Let's face it. Fear consumes us. We succumb to fear like bugs succumb to light. And like those bugs, fear can lead us to a dead-end. Sometimes, the answer to a question relies so simple than just a conversation with someone, or a trip somewhere. The easiest answers are the hardest to realize. Ironic, sad but true. And in most cases, we just follow our heart; if you can't really predict the future then most probably you'll have nothing to lose anyways. I believe that by taking a risk, or taking a chance (for those looking at the glass half-full), we are presented with two variables - a 50% chance of failure and another 50% chance of success.

Consider the former; we end up getting back to square one. Yes, feeling rather beaten up and a wreck, we're back to where we started to be. But consider this - how different is this than before we started. None. But at least we tried something. If there's one advantage we've learned from history is that, it always makes us wiser. Much more wiser to try better next time.

Now consider the latter; we succeed. Enough said. And all it takes is just to try and make it work. Rome isn't built in a day, and success never comes overnight. The best sensation of victory is felt in the greatest of its journey.

So for those feeling lost in all those questions, take a step for yourselves. Sometimes what we think isn't in our best interest is what favors us the most. And whether its a step forward or backwards, it's your call. Remember, Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be.


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