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Friday, December 29, 2006

The one with the remembering the old times...

I find it particularly hard to not indulge into that seemingly warm feeling you get everytime I glance upon pics of my biotech groupies a few years back. Rekindling the past has always been one of mankind's best ways to pass time, and I find it a mere must regarding that we're bringing down the curtains of the yet another passing year.

Frankly speaking, if I was given yet another chance to twiddle time backwards, I'd be more than happy to do so. Reliving the spirit of being a mindless, careless student back again. Back in times where it wasn't as complicated as the present, and times where the environment was more salivating than suffocating today. I had great pack of friends in my UMS varsity life; shared a lot of new experiences, met the love of my life, done things I never thought I'd do. In a way life four years ago was fun, and sometimes during the course I forgot to live in that moment.

Mom always told us to live our youth in its very innocence. To live day by day, appreciating each passing moment. For it only passes us once in a lifetime. In her words it almost sounded that we should sometimes be all too laidback, and forget about winning a Nobel prize, and being the best doctor or pilot ever. Just forget reality once in a while, and enjoy real life. We forget sometimes that amidst all those cranks of papers and assignments, we also have a life to live. And she reminded us to live our lives like the youths we were.
That reminded me of how memorable my varsity life was. Fun. Yup, that's the word.

Friends; you revolve upon the sole necessity that no man's an island, and life is yet another web matrix bridging many individuals. There's truth when they say no one can survive without clinging onto another, and that we must as well give as much as we receive in this unsurmountable matrix we call a society. The society built upon the jargons of social circuits, where to live alone is to mean not living at all. My matrix is none compared to the likes of P.Diddy's but God knows how much I treasure each and every person in my life.

Loving yourself, is to love others around you. And to love another, you must first love yourself. Great advice I once received from an old friend. Wise words I must say.
I'm heading home for the Aidiladha holidays, and I'm looking forward to rekindle with the people whom I've missed dearly. The old, new and those I'd always have. Both my family I'm lucky to be born into and and the family I'm honored to have chosen.


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ernirocs said...

GOD!!FINALLYY!! last....phewww...

nice picc u got here..

cakap org bila mau kawen...dia la kawen dulu...hahahaha

mak dah jumpe,ayah dah jumpe..duit ada ka?

miss the ol days

being gila for no idea of absolute fun..