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Saturday, December 23, 2006

"The one with the weddings, and being busy as a bee..."

I've been busy...quite busy this month actually.

From the amount of pictures I've posted following this entry, it kinda shows of how much stuff has been going on in my life so far. Fun, fun stuff. I think it's just a nifty tradition we Malaysians have each coming end of the calendar that we'll always be pretty occupied this time of the year. The school holidays, Christmas, New Years; all these topped with the many weddings and outings organized poses pretty much to sum up the year.

BioMalaysia 2006 was certainly a great exposure on my side. It was kinda like the first time I had been to a colloquium at this massive scale. It was a three-day event; encompassing seminars and exhibitions from the greatest minds in Biotechnology within the four corners of the KL Convention Centre. I know I'm sounding a bit nerdy or geeky at the moment but my whole life had revolved around the sciences of things and as it becomes a passion of mine it's great to be in an environment where everyone else shares the same interests as yours. The Gala Dinner was wild, pretty much very wild for some. Had the time to mingle around with new people, and interestingly enough also with friends I once crossed paths with going through varsity life. Oh, and Misha Omar as well as Ning Baizura entertained us that night.

But the climatic point this month would definitely be Fifah's visit to KK last week. It's been quite some time since her last visit and considering that, both of us had been missing each other so much. It was definitely great having her around again, however this time around schedule's been rather tight; which brings me to my next agenda.

Weddings, the epitome of unions. It doesn't get better than this. For couples taking the plunge, this would transcend to be the happiest and most memorable time in their lives. And for most of us, we would be married only once in our lifetime. Thanks for all the invites (I still have a wedding to go to tomorrow and on Monday) and I wish each newlyweds the best in their lives as a single unit; moga kekal ke anak cucu.

I believe that MakLong and PakLong were the happiest parents in Ipoh as they gave their lovely daughter Finas into the arms of Nata. They're a very fitting couple, and sometimes you have this instinctive feeling inside you that says, they're gonna be very happy together. Wan Ipoh was also excited - the idea that another one of her many grand-daughters had been hitched means she relived another generation of unions. Fifah was kind enough to accompany myself all the way to Ipoh with my parents to the wedding and for that I'm grateful for. It really meant a lot to me regarding the fact that she was willing to let me share my family with herself - a lot of friends I know have difficult time getting their loved ones to even have lunch with their family.

For the record, the folks at Ipoh liked her - not to mention the endless questions about when we'd get hitched, how long have we dated and all. People, when the time comes, you'll be the first to know I promise.

And then there was Faizal-Zuera's wedding. What can I say? It's rather daunting knowing that one of your friends (in this case two) to whom you were once close with is getting married. Believe me, it still takes some time to normalize the fact that you can never see them the same way again from now on. I'm happy nevertheless for the both of 'em. Each deserved one another. And for them to take this huge step is divine, all the best for the times ahead guys.

Had also met a lot of old friends this past couple of weeks. It great to hang-out and reflect back on the old days, and contemplate the situations as well as conditions at present. In a way you could rather sum up how well you've been since then. Most have already secured jobs, some continuing their studies, some are starting a family. Good to know that each and every one of them are doing okay in life so far. I kinda miss my friends back in KK, though. Wonder how they're doing. It's been a while since I met all of them.

I wish all newlyweds the best in life (and love), moga rezeki bertambah-tambah. Note that it's not always easy to live together, but rest assured that your lives are now much more worth living. And also thank you to all my friends who'd supported each gathering we've had since I've remembered. Thanks for keeping in touch, and all the best for the future ahead.

It's a wonder how life can be, and how easily time can fly by. Like Fifah's dad would always put it - "treat each single day as precious because timing is essential..". One day you're up, another your down. Today you're happy as a horse, tomorrow you dwell in dark times. There will be times where you'll have to struggle hard, and there'll be times where you don't have to do much to achieve something. It's like this spinning ball, forever rolling, never in standstill.

In the wise words of the poem, Que sera sera.


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