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Friday, December 22, 2006

Faizal-Zuera's Wedding, Bangi [ 17th December 2006 ]

Parading upon the in-law's (berarak masuk); accompanied by traditional beats of the kompang and marhaban. Just look at the smiles on their faces!

Persalinan kedua for both bride and groom; perfect in white. Putih melambangkan kesucian kasih depa dua la kononnyer tu noo...

Majlis bersanding kedua mempelai; it's not everyday that you see a friend up there. And for that, it was also a bit weird seeing both of them then..:-)

Both of them went traditional on their wedding when it comes to the cake; pulut kuning. Indifferent to usual weddings I've been to, good for them.

It's only customary that the bride returns the pleasure of 'menyuap' her groom. Poyo je ok muke ko Faizal..!

Like diamonds are to rings; so are these two. Match-fitting to each other, complementing their flaws and strengths.

Taking a picture with the newlyweds - [L-R] : Azfar, Faizal, Zuera, Me, Fadil.

I'm not sure whether Zuera has been this tall or it's just her heels. Or probably Fifah memang rendah kot....:-)

The women up to be hitched (one already hitched, some waiting to be hitched); so make your pick, all you gentlemen out there. [L-R] : Yam, Hanum, Ras, Ismaq, Sab, Fifah, As, Aleya.

Part of the crowd sharing the kenduri's food that sunny day.[L-R] : Ismaq, Hanum, Fadil, Azfar.

Sab, Ismaq and Hanum. And since you might be wondering...yes, that's fadil in the background.

Old roomies reunited; Yam and Fifah.

Now who's next; these two?

Or these two? Speculations...hmm...InsyaAllah.

That day was the first day most of us met As's precious Aleya in the flesh for the first time after so long. Very cute, muka banyak ikut ayah dia but perwatakan memang datang from her mom!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Faizal-Zuera; semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu, dimurahkan rezeki serta dikurniakan sejuta rahmat. Group photo taken with everyone, you guys know who you are! One of my favorite photos to date.

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