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Friday, December 22, 2006

Finas-Nata's Wedding, Ipoh [16th December 2006]

The Newlyweds; gorgeous in green. Got that 'seri pengantin' vibe going on there.

Mom and Dad sharing the pelamin with the bride and groom. Kire senior and junior le nih...

Cutting the cake; together hand in hand.

Sesi suap-menyuap; nowadays a must for weddings all over. Kinda sweet really...

Don't ask me why the sesi suap-menyuap also involves Wan - Nata was a great sport nevertheless. Cute also-lah this picture, in a way.

The faces of uncles and aunts sharing the happiness their niece endears on the day she's swept off her feet. [L-R] : Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah, Mak Lang, Mak Chu, Mak Teh, Farah.

Fifah was also kind enough to also be at the wedding, one for which I'm grateful to her for. Wan was indeed happy to see her there, as well as the rest of the family I guess. This is one of the pictures I loved from this set.

Seeing that it's not too often that she's a part of a family gathering, I just had to take pictures with my dearest. Here looking as gorgeous as always, my precious.

Of course, another picture taken with another gorgeous woman I've grown to love dearly; my mom. Coincidently enough; her attire matched Fifah's, and mine paired with Dad.

"Selamat Pengantin Baru to Finas and Nata; bagai pinang dibelah dua, semoga kekal bahagia sentiasa hingga ke anak cucu. Moga penyatuan ini membawa sejuta rahmat dan memurahkan rezeki buat keduanya..."

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Anonymous said...

Warghh...sedeynyer xde rezeki nak tgk finas punye wedding..huhu miss all those lovely faces..anyway juz 2 let u kno insyaAllah I will see the newlyweds kat london this 30th, as requested by kak finas..let da others know..wslm p/s:rindu tgk gelagat wan,so typical of her..:(