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Friday, December 22, 2006

BioMalaysia '06 - KL Convention Centre [5-7th December 2006]

UPM had quite a large booth; alas the exhibitions we presented weren't the best I've seen coming from RMC. Could've put on a better show, maybe next year.

Sim, Mok and yours truly - Partners in crime throughout the convention.

UPM's booth was also graced by the presence of the ever-warmful Sarah as well.

Having tea in-between the lectures and seminars; this convention was the biggest and most grand I've been to date in terms of scale, size and number.

A none to familiar face to our national MC-ing stints; a true professional. I said to Mok back then; "Tak dapat bergambar ngan Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, ngan En. Mahathir Lokman pun jadi ler...janji first name sama!"

BioMalaysia's Gala Dinner; the crowd I've been given the honor to share a table with that lovely evening. [L-R Standing] : Fazu, Mok, Sim, Lai [L-R Sitting] : Nicole, Erin, Samira.

One word : Travolta. Enough said. Mok's first brush with being star strucked - on the stage with Misha Omar.

All in all - it was a great experience for each and every one of us. Indeed it's really a gathering of the top minds in the research society, and I've benefited a lot from it. Looking forward for BioMalaysia '07 next year.

Side-drama during Biomalaysia '06 - visiting Fadil who went for surgery in Columbia Insitute of Health, Seremban. It was very nice of Ann to spend some time with us seeing an old friend. [L-R] : Fadil, Ann, Azfar, Myself.

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