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Monday, November 27, 2006

"The one with MAHA and being indifferent..."

If it's anything to go by, this year's MAHA 2006 Expo has been a very, very successful endeavor. Been there twice, and by all means I was impressed to witness the amazing attendance of people from multiple sets of backgrounds as well as diverse community. Beyond apprehension this was a great exhibition that not only shed light upon agriculture as a business entity but also desolates the foundations that farming is for poor people.

The expo did very well to expose the community to the recent products our localities marketed but haven't really shared much space on shelves of our conventional supermarkets. Believe me, there was so much potential in many, many products. I guess in this sense, MAHA 2006 was also a platform in which we could actually really see how serious we are in agriculture; we've been at the forefront of agriculture since our forefathers so it's a joy to see how far the distance we've progressed since then.

It seems very much that we usually plan our future to coincide with the life we want to have when we're able to stand on our own feet. It's hard to articulate a plan that resonates far from the fact that all of us wants the perfect life; a carrier that's well established, a family, and of course a stable money well. What happened to people that goes with the flow, individuals so keen on living life through the moments that they tend to make up their plans as the cross the bridge? More often than not these are those who usually exemplify themselves from the clutches of numb and dullness. These individuals, have been embedded in time as exploring their creativity to the maximum, sharing an insight to life baring no comprehension towards the normal latters.

The question remains unchanged; where are we in these categories. Our life is carved the way we make use of all the possibilities that come our way, and how we sculpt is individual.


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