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Friday, November 10, 2006

"The One with the Raya Pictures..."

This year there's not much pictures to share, since cameraman dah bersara. Anyways, I took the effort to take some pictures and these are what I consider quite interesting.

A common sight during gatherings this large during the festivities; chit-chats in the kitchen happens almost 24-7 here in Bentong each time Aidilfitri passes by.

Being the youngest in the family, these three had the most fun. Never fails to make me smile. -Mohd Ayad, Mohd Adi and Ainul Mardhiah-

During pagi raya, sesi salam-salaman. An immortal tradition done since the dawn of time; a moment to reflect on our doings onto others we love.

Another interesting tradition during raya, is the whole 'passing' of duit raya. Turns out this would be the last raya I'll be getting some, next year jangan harap le, tarik air liur je.

What I love about this shot was the atmosphere it exudes; blurry images of people moving about to salam-salam each and everyone. That feeling of unity and warmth of a single unit, a family.

Blurry, but still the women we've learn to love so dearly - my beloved mom, MakTam, MakDe and Ainul Mardhiah.

What happens when you have eleven 'kids' under one roof? One word : UNO. Quickly becoming an acquired tradition every time the masses gather.

The bad thing about being the only photographer, is that you have very little pictures with you in it...*sob*sob*sob* But as how mom would say it; when you're family you'd do anything.


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Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all those pictures..cant believe I've missed these scenes for three years now..:( -kundur