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Sunday, November 05, 2006

"The One with the post-raya celebrations..."

It's been deep in the roots of our malay traditions that each passing Eid we'd honor it by organizing open-houses and such. This year, the trend was to have it exactly the following week as the holidays ended. As much as this submits to such uniformed clarity, it kinda revoked that raya spirit again. At least for me, though.

Tahun ni raya sekejap sangat rasanyer...

I guess I had a very short raya this year, and that the celebration's kinda scratched down to basics. We didn't even went to Raub this year. Maybe we could've anytime else in the calendar but its a shame we didn't on this sorta occasion and in these numbers. Alas, sometimes these things happen. I guess we just have to play along with the cards put on the table. It was enormous fun, as usual every year it congregates.

Speaking of open-houses; it's been a week since the holidays and by last weekend I've been to four open-houses of my fellow acquaintances (thanks again peeps for the invite!). What amazes me is last Saturday - roads to KL were completely deserted; I guess due to the fact people went house-hunting. That also means to be said; we live in such as prosperous multi-racial community that this tradition unfolds across the color of our skin and the religions we submit our faith. This, is a time when we should be proud of how far we've come. By the way, back to subject matter; yesterday had the opportunity to go to rumah auntie Na in Beranang, Semenyih. Don't ask me where it is, for not I nor Paktam could find her place initially (I still am clueless!). Attention Andi and Afzal : Auntie Na is mom's cousin so she's sorta like our mak sedara la. She had a very nice house, kinda looks like a resort from the exterior with all the fountains and kolams and those pondok-pondoks. It even has a guest house. Interior looks like the ones in Casa Impian.

Nice food though, reminds me so much of mom's cooking. Rindu nak makan lagi. Both auntie Na and her husbands are down-to-earth pure Pahang-ians so it was not hard for me to borak-borak or initiate conversations. This week I have about three more houses to go - Fadil's, Kak Siti's and Kak Wani's. Great thing is, it's in three completely different places...:-(

There's a lot more to tell about this year's Raya. Thanks to the local malay stations and Astro Ria, there's recaps of all the raya shows they had last week so I kinda extended my whole Eid spirit. That explains why I'm still not posting any pictures, nor any stories yet.

I'm simply still in the raya mood. At least until the end of the favorite time of the year. Hari Raya.

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