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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"The one with embracing silence...."

Admit it; we do it sometimes. It's just written in our genes, us being selfish. It's also the very nature of the human species that we talk more than we attempt to hear. Don't matter if it takes more energy to perform the former than to initiate the latter.

The art of listening.

Human evolution began very much from this. Civilizations learn from 'listening' to the very examples around them. By being numb they were able to analyse the very essence of what they're focusing on. It's also in our breatkthrough life-cycle; babies first learn to listen. By mastering their hearing capabilities they harness the next feature - thinking and then imitation. Then evolves speech and recognition, onto more complex behaviour such involving emotion and perspective.

I guess what I'm getting at is to remind everyone once in a while to stop talking, and do more listening. I find that most of the people around me tend to speak more until the point they found out there lies no content in their speech. Dad always seems to be quiet most of the time but time passes on to a point in my upbringing that I realized, in silence sometimes lies truth. Some things are meant to be kept low; in some cases it also reflects our maturity of thinking.

As dad always put it - "you only need to speak whenever you think it is in your capacity and need to express what you THINK..."

But of course, you also need a chatterbox every once in a while - to beat out the stress of everyday chores. Thank God my parents are a mix of these very things.

That's life - we walk; sometimes we run. And eventually we'll fall on our faces every now and then. But that's the point; we fall to learn how to get back up and continue on. Of course there's always going to be that recurrence of trembling down once again but the important thing is that we can always pick us up again. The very fact that we can, is superficially a choice too humbled by gratifications of ourselves and not upon others.

Of course, that is if we're not pushed down. Now that's a different story, and a different facet of life which takes on a differing course of time. Alas, we learn through trying.


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