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Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Congregration; 2006 Graduates!

I'd like to take the opportunity to extend my foremost congratulations to every student graduating this weekend in UMS. Boy, it's been a LONG tiring journey for you guys; but hey take it from someone who's been there not so long ago - it's DEFINITELY worth it.

Congratulations UMS graduates class of '06. Have fun this weekend; you've certainly earned it.

I still remember my convocation. Sometimes it's almost so surreal that you can't comprehend the fact that you've just graduated a year ago, but in another perspective it's also not that hard to think that you've been a year from where you were before. Looking back, I guess most of us have carved our own path into a 'proper' adulthood. Some have been working in various companies, government offices, heck, even indulged into their own businesses but I guess we've at least made a step forward from where we were before. Moving on with your life, so they say.

And how about me? Some say that doing your MSc. actually means postponing your time into the 'real' world. Just to buy you more time before the impeccable unavoidable future of being independant. As much as it might sound true enough, I beg to least in my case.

Sometimes it's not where you get to; it's how you get there that matters. I believe in this, now. Think more of the journey, than the destination.

I wish every new graduate this year all the best in their future endeavours. May this be a great start to a terrific exiciting beginning.


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