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Sunday, January 15, 2006

"The One with the Late New Year Resolutions..."

At last, we've seen the curtain close for yet quite a memorable 2005 for me and had now embark into the always unpredictable 2006 ahead. For some, it might mean a new beginning; to start afresh, to make the most of a maiden voyage. Alas, for some it's another calendar to go through - to be consistent if not advancing, to look forward to instead of mourn about.

Personally from experience this new year resembles a complete formal start to my Graduate studies here in UPM. As I'd expected, I'm as busy as ever; going through tenacious tasks and assignments as well as obligations week after week. Which explains why this blog hasn't been roughly filled in the past comings of time. Which also means that everyday life gets more interesting (this is how I make myself feel better about my current predicament) and eventful.

This coming new year has also been quite colorful indeed for friends and acquaintances. It's interesting really going through Friendster and keeping track of how they've been after convocation. At least the site still serves its maiden function; connecting people. I know it sounds like a Nokia ad. I'm happy for all of them, putting themselves in the spotlight and striving for what they want.

Congratulations to Peja and Zuera on their recent engagements. People say that at marital age your 'rezeki' gets more superflorous, more resourceful. All the best in the path both of you are venturing on, and hopefully it gets you where you're headed.

Yesterday we friends bid farewell to Erni who's finished her attachment in 1st Base here in KL. She'll be back for work in Penang tommorow. I guess that's how life goes for us at this point. Saying hello to new people and goodbye to those moving on, with hopes that in the future our paths shall intertwine again. And I also guess that this time life's much more meaningful in a sense; you take full advantage of the times we have, and rather than superficial wild stuff like those trips we had back in our undergrad years - a simple chat would suffice. At a point the whole inspiration of just having everyone together in a place with teh tariks and coffee would be the definition of a perfect time spent for me.

Alas, like Erni always said - Life's Like Dat.

Tommorow life'll be as usual; always offering something new and unpredictable. More lab sessions to handle and a few classes to fill-in for my newly-appointed-as-Dean-twice-busy supervisor. And in the same time juggling classes, assignments and my ever bountiful workloads for my thesis project.

And they say that 'life' ends after convocation. Pergh.


P/S : Miss my sweetheart in KK - I'll be home in a few days.

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