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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"The One with reliving your past..."

Boy it feels great to be home.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t enjoy my life as a grad student back in UPM and KL. But sometimes it’s refreshing to be seeking solace within the comforts of a place you feel so comfortable at. And KK will always leave me with that enormous feeling.

The blog’s a year old! It’s survived a full turn of the calendar; surpassed 365 days of passion, and hopefully substance; and now it’s venturing onto another term I’d expect to be of betterment and greatness. Talk about putting pressure on yourself.

Of being back on home soil and the blog commemorating it’s maiden anniversary, I can’t forget but be reminded of my recent birthday, which just passed. Thanks to all who’ve remembered; and took the hassle of wishing me. It really meant a lot, and I think this year I’ve been getting more wishes than in the past; and this time coming from those I’ve never expected would. It’s great in a sense, that I felt appreciated for once. Terima kasih daun keladi, thank you a bunch to all of you guys, I don’t have the time and space here to acknowledge each and every one of you but rest assured that I love you guys for life and that it is your support that keeps me going, and continue striving through. Frankly, it is because of all of you I am what I am today.

Also, thanks for the gifts and cards! It was so sweet of you guys (attention to all that hasn’t - I’m still and am waiting for yours…huhuhuhu! :-p).

People often ask me at this particular time, what do I want from life. And I often tell them, “Nothing what my current life couldn’t offer…”. I love my life, and all the people who makes up it’s definitive parts and parcels. I’m blessed with colourful and strong, solid ones.

Being back in KK, I look forward to a week of relaxation; and rekindling whereas needed. All those times I owed with my sweetheart Fifah should be paid due, and I think meeting up with acquaintances young and old who’re still here would reconcile. Alas, I guess the most prominent thing would be to spend it within the confines of my lovely and warm family. Still missing an important member, but nonetheless maintained equally strong. Again, I guess this is just another slice of how things would be in the future – spending it with the ones you love, and only whenever time and tide permits you to. And when you return to the reality of your life, it’s just another tide to remember how much they all mean in your life – and that the next turn of time you’ll spend it better than you did before.

A lot of things left roaming around in my mind. A lot of stuff left unsaid through the tips of my fingers. But never less the time to share in the shards of the future. In prospect, something to look forward to.


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