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Saturday, December 31, 2005

"The One with the anticipating the stroke of midnight..."

Yesterday ended two weeks of enormous workloads and crazy deadlines on my behalf. The pain was like running a foot-wide pole through your nose and the agony would scare the juices out of the hardcore - but it all ended in a fun and satisfying note.

At least for me, though.

The Officiation of UPM's Biotech Postgrad's Club had commenced yesterday under the brink of the morning's perfect horizon. It's been a while since we had a bright sunny start to the day; ever since the devastating floods we've been strucked with. Anyways as the ceremony's MC I had the toughest time trying to put up with the demands of both the club's president and its members; on how the concourse of the event would proceed. Some wanted it to be formal, much to the protests of others who wanted it to be less rigid to allow for more flexible orientations. But it was interesting really - the whole experience gained me some kudos from the lecturers and staff, not to mention praises from the public.

Alas, I came home yesterday with a slight headache. Everyone had fun regardless.

Most people go through the pressure of spending their new year's eve in the most celebrative way possible - they dress up for the occassion, spend the whole day out and about, socialising and all. But I guess as you mature you've sorta able to sort out your responsibilities and priorities straight; the whole 'new year celebration' repertoire juggles no balls whatsoever, no pun intended. Instead, I found myself waking up early today to chauffer MakTam to the market and spending the afternoon washing PakTam's, MakTam's and my car. In a way it's rather like a feat I've achieved for myself this year. People say that whatever you do today will pave the designs of your life the next year, so I guess mine would start-off with me either being more diligent and hardworking, or more wet as well as landing a job in a carwash somewhere.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed....;-p

One thing's for sure - this weekend the peeps are not gonna be in town. Azfar, Faeza and Achim's going back to their hometown, while Shah's going back to one of his relatives somewhere I believe, should be as remote as possible (due to the fact that I can't even pronounced the place he's heading to!). Lie's all tucked-in comfortably in KK at the moment - I still can't believe she managed to talk me into sending her to the ERL at dead dusk yesterday. Is did spoke of a new year konvoi but that hasn't been confirmed of since last week, so I'm striking it off my already empty list of events.

Anyhow, there was a slight whisper in my head to be going back to Ipoh this New Year. But considering how much it'd cost (toll + gas) it kinda renders less economically viable for me at the moment. Maybe in a few weeks time. So I guess it'll just be here in Putrajaya that I'll be greeting the countdown into 2006. There should be some fireworks in Alamanda tonight, I think.

Who knows, maybe something'll come up tommorow...Wallace and Gromit in Mid, perhaps.

Being so dependant on others for entertainment nowadays makes me so much missing things back home at the moment. Everything seemed so simple. Maybe Andi was right after all - the best times we had was back when we were in school (and uni in my case). At least I have my family and my darling Fifah in KK. I guess that's progress - moving on with your life.

Alamanda's off limits tonight - Peter Pan's having their showcase there at the moment and they'll host a mini concert later in the evening into midnight. But I'm looking forward to tonight nevertheless. I wish all of my friends and family members, everywhere you guys are, a Happy and Warm New Year and New Year's Eve. May the coming of a new calendar shifts us a step beyond where we were today.

As Achim perfectly puts it - ' the end, it's not all those years in your life that counts; but it's all those life in your years that matters...'



Pilot Whale said...

hehehe... guess MCing just runs in the family... n glad to know someone's quoted me... ah well, life's like that bro... take it one step at a time...

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