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Friday, December 09, 2005

"The one with smelling the roses...and recalling your acquaintances.."

Sometimes as you're so caught up in your work and obligations we fail to take note of the many miracles in life. Sometimes as meekly disguised yet never devours the detail it should compose. In that sense all of us are at a loss.

I took the liberty to mellow down a little today; taking things one at a time as they conveniently conjure themselves. The good thing was that today definitely suffices yesterday by a handful, less hectic and pressures; which definitely gave me the space to take a breather and smell the roses. Labwork was still horrendously stackful; however considering the circumstances I'm luckier than others in the blessed four walls of my faculty. To be on the positive side that is.

Tonight I also found the time to catch up with the many ramblings and tumblings of my long-lost acquaintances; friends from waaaay back and just passed. I've always maintained the perception that friends are never lost, only gained. It's definitely wonderful to see most of them doing their own thing; finding their belonging in this sometimes smiteful world. For feeling that sense of belonging really confines the motivation we need to strive on. It's also interesting to see new romantic relationships blossom; those of whom I've known to be ever so sweet and charming, having being found someone I'd pray would give them the same happiness they've shone pass me all these years. Those happiness I always fall back on whenever I'm loomed by the ghosts of my darkest moods. Somehow I believe that because of these inspirational beings I'm the person I am today.

Hey, I think I should dedicate this post to my ever so strong bro back in UK. Among all of us, he's the one left so far away; but definitely still so close at heart. Afzal was always the more stable one in the family; most of us always knew in him that he'll be the first to fly abroad, him doing medicine is definitely a bonus for us. Which also transcribes for free medical costs practically for the rest of our lives. Hmm...come to think of it I'm not that keen of having my guts pulled out by my own brother. Let's hope I don't have any problems with my more 'private' body organs. Imagine the horror it'd be for both Afzal and me. And the whole next few years of uncomfortably awkward Raya celebrations together.

Whatever it is, hey bro you know we got your back. Big time. Only this time I'll carry your back in the form of a brand new MyVi. I'll warm up your seat back in the bonnet till your next break..:-)

Andi's leaving for KK soon - Sunday nite. Seems like I've been waving goodbye a lot lately. I should be waved for change!



Anonymous said...

hehe..gud point about pulling out ur gut bro..i dun think i have the guts to do it anyway..dats so wrong of me as ur brother :p

Pilot Whale said...

biasa la tu boss... lek lek aje la... no worries... will be seeing u again soon... either we come down to KL or u fly back here to KK...