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Sunday, December 18, 2005

"The one with being sorry for yourself..."

Let's face it; Life revolves in an ever redundant cycle. Once in a while we're up and sometimes we're down. Occasionally we're in control of everything but there'll come a time when the only control we have in your life are the ones directed by our medula oblongatas.

Having said that, God works His miraculous ways. In order to remind us of how small and humble we are; He balances the course of our lives - i.e happy and sad, lonely and busy, belonged or lost. And this also comes as a sure-fire sign that we shouldn't put too much a pressure on ourselves; we need to learn to be sorry for ourselves sometimes. To recalculate and redefine our current state of mind. To recuperate. To live and forget. And to be thankful for what we had, and still have. For once, I guess when people say there's always light beyond the darkest corner and a silver lining behind every dark cloud, I believe they're saying out of experience.

Somewhere, someone might feel depressed at the moment; where nothing good is happening to them, where no one's there to console them, no one to fill in the anger, depression and loneliness. But that only makes us more humane. And faith will always be rewarded with days when we're the happiest, in control, spirited and pleased. Then the cycle continues. These things happen, that's why they call it 'living' your life.

Because life, is a long lesson in humility.

Christmas's around the corner; I wish a happy and prosperous one for all my friends celebrating the joy of this coming 25th. And I know Lie'll have a mixed one this year. But hey, at least you have your tree right? Always remember that you always have us friends to cheer you on. That goes to everyone as well. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

I miss everyone - my family, Fifah and my friends back in KK. Guess I'm human as well.


P/S : Happy birthday to my december babies - Azfar, Melvin and Joanna (know that I'll always forget some, sorry! Age's gotten the best of my memory...:-p). Many, many happy returns and God bless.

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