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Thursday, November 24, 2005

"The One with keeping yourself sane.."

Boy I haven’t been blogging for quite a while, and frankly it feels great to be back penning down worthless manifestations of my mind for others to share with.

See, the reason behind my absence really just revolves around the fact that I’m lazy; and since the Aidilfitri holidays things have been topsy-turvy, the life of yours truly that is. There’s the one with sending mom off to UK for a month on the 10th, leaving us spending the little time together we had as siblings (since dad already went back to KK the day before) rather emotional and sentimental. The whole family sent them on their KK-bound flight a few days after.

Then there’s the penultimate length in which I’m moody, finally feeling all alone again. It’s that nagging sensation you feel, that although you’re surrounded by all these people who still care for you – you still can’t seem to let go of that irritating feeling; of being left. Of being apart from those close to your heart.

Shortly then there was Fifah’s arrival in KL – which, I enjoyed so very much. We spent almost everyday together, sharing each free time I had going through the list of places and food I’ve promised to indulge her in once we had the opportunity. Let’s see; we’ve covered Chili’s, T.G.I’s, Picollo Mondo, Sushi King, A&W, 1901s, Delifrance, Swensens…those are the ones I can remember, but I’m sure there’re more. Not to mention the places we’ve been to – Aquaria KLCC, Banting, Klang, Subang, Mid Valley…guess we’ve covered a lot of grounds in just a few days. In a way, she’s my only salvation at the moment. Well, at least before she leaves on Sunday.

I’m anticipating another rendezvous with her for dinner tomorrow, as well as our outings on Saturday with the rest of the gang here in KL.

In between these, there’s the whole fiasco of me getting my new car (which I already received yesterday!!) and dramas in the lab. I’ll update you guys bit by bit as much as my mind permits me to recall. At this point everything comes as a blur, myself caught in the premise of feeling fatigued and drained.

Alas, life goes on. Just another day, in between yesterday and tommorow.


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