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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"The one with missing her so much, and having some sense of belonging..."

This week has yet to resume as normal as it was before. Fifah's departure home hasn't in any way helped the dilemma I'm stuck in. Hmm..

I guess that's the fun of being in a relationship with someone you're fond for. That surreal sensation you get everytime your with him/her; sometimes you silently pray to God to extend that time you're together - for once let time stretch rather than pass by. For what it's worth, I miss Fifah so much more now; and I believe that our passion for each other has grown more mature and stronger after all these years.

We're counting the days when we'll see each other again, and hopefully it's gonna be soon enough.

Then there's my other love at the moment - my very own Myvi. Not a Merc, not even a Beemer; but it's mine. It's liberating, you know having your own car to get around places. Sometimes I feel that I need to exercise discipline in making sure I don't stray around too much in it - I'm already reaching it's 1,000km mark, and the car just made it in Putrajaya last Wednesday.

Having some sense of belonging really helps in uplifting our spirits, especially for those in the phases of settling in a new environment. The perception you receive when people realise your existence, acknowledge your presence, and support your involvement in the already complicated social circle of us homo sapiens - these are often crucial if not essential I feel growing up in this modern material world. That sensation of having things under your control; for the time being the MyVi kinda reminds me of these feelings.

At least for now.


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Anonymous said...

bile pulak nak buat entry pasal missing my little brother in UK?