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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"The One with Stuff I Missed..."

I realise that I miss a lot of things. Maybe it's that festive spirit of me kicking into gear. Maybe it's just that I'm so eager awaiting this coming Aidilfitri next week. Of maybe I just can't wait to see my family this Friday evening. Hmmm....

I miss hanging out with my friends. Sure, I try to meet them at least once in a while but c'mon - it used to be much much easier to organize your schedules back in the much simpler days. I miss grouping together in a comfy round table, exchanging stories and jokes. And making fun of each other. I miss laughing out loud with them, along them, and yeah, at them. At those times, time served no purpose. We could hang-out for hours without knowing the sun has set down and the dark pitch of night had conjured upon us. And it's so suprising how we can never run out of stories to share, and to tell...

I also miss how much control I had over my life. How easy it is for me to make a decision; although this never applies when deciding where to eat (attn : Azfar, Fifah, Feeza, Faeza, Syuk, etc.). How easy it is to handle stuff; to get it done in the least complications of methods. How easy everything is - that it doesn't significantly effect your mood and spirits. I miss all this power.

I also miss my family - my ever wise and sinical Dad, in which how bad I think I am he always manages to see the good points in me. My lovable caring Mom, who has the patience of a saint and the one who never fails to share full support in everything I do. My irritating and die-hard fans-to-the-core brothers - Andi and Afzal. I couldn't wished for anyone else than you guys growing up with. The things we do; bearing both bad (sometimes worse) and good outcomes, we always had each other's backs and for that I thank you. My sweet fun sisters - Aiysha and Atiqah, in which I share some of my more 'soft' sides. Spending time with you girls balances the barbaric self in me and for that I'm relaxed, content on both sides of me. I love you all to death.

I miss how things were in the past. A part of me wants so much to relive those days. To go through all those days of pain and glory, fun and sadness, laughters and cries. For what it's worth, it's so worth it. And for this part of me, that life in the past comes as much more surreal than that in the present.

But the mature part of me yearns to go on, to grow up. To be wiser. To be greater. Because life, is a LONG lesson in humility.

So there you go. Learn to be thankful of what we had, and still have. One's value is always learnt in its absence, but seldom remembered than being relived. Go figure.

This coming Aidilfitri, apologize to our parents; hug them so tight, tell them how much they mean to your life. Then replicate on your siblings. Count your blessings, and have a prosperous Hari Raya.


P/S : Serious giler la semua post ko hari ni Jep...

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Cap'n Di said...

sudah ku bilang, tua suda ko ni...
lagi dua bulan datang la midlife crisis... lek lek ja la..