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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"The One with cutting yourself some slack.."

Sometimes in life some people expect miracles to happen. And in some, they expect excellence in vritually everything they set their minds on. This whole social circle endowned by us homo sapiens nowadays seem to revolve all to many on the pressure of achieving the best out of everything. Even on ridicule and miniscule stuff, like what's happening so early for our younglings. We'd always say things like how kids grow up so quickly without realizing the reality of which we've created for them. Kids nowadays are educated in such a way that they're expected to grow old by the day instead of the years - I even remembered that I used to grow by phases. Parents of this new millenium put all sorts of unnecessary pressure on their little tikes in which they virtually 'skip' the fun of growing up and straight into the monstrosities of adult life. Sometimes I think uptight parents should take a step back and conjure a breather...and to cut yourself some slack. Stop navigating your unaccomplished dreams in the sails of your own children, for they commute their own medium, to their own destination.

I say this in the light so that all kids can learn the wisdom of having fun; by realizing that sand doesn't belong in their pants - it makes them itch. Or how plastic strawberry toys will never taste the same as the real one - and as digestible. Or how fun it is to play together, and how inappropriate it is not to share - you'll never have fun by yourself. Anything that entertains you by your own is never a good thing. Learning should be a fun process, and no child deserves to be deprived of these perks I had when I was growing up; and still have today...:-p

Today I'm ashamed to read about a 13-year old teenager who took his life out of the pressure amounted by her parents to excel. Such young promising lives are too fragile as it is precious to be given up.

Having said that, it is as crucial for us to cut some slack on our upbringing. It's time we stop being so uptight and take everything in life as it is. Some things in life really doesn't need to be overcomed, but to be understood. This, I believe is the first step in developing a positive perspective in yourself. Learn to detach - as the wise Morrie would say to Mitch. When you learn to cut yourself some slack; then you'll learn patience and impart wisdom.

Just a tiny pigment of my mind, in the very bit of this life I'm grateful for.


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