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Sunday, October 23, 2005

"The One with Feeling accepted, and 1 Utama..."

I had an interesting conversation with one of my colleagues a few days back; about how important it is to have a sense of belonging in any environment. Like it or not, the world often revolves not within the constraints of which we would’ve want it to axis. Being accepted and acknowledged therefore comes as one of the most fundamental emotional foundation one must have in order to coincide, let alone survive. But what if it was taken from us? How would it feel for once to be rejected – to be the black sheep; a gap between spaces, isolated and left astray? Would everything be the same? Will things turn out for the better? Can someone just live life without the dependency upon another human being, and go on through life exponentially? It makes sense – as much as we try to be independent, be the strong person that we perceive upon ourselves; we need each other. Either in direct connotation, or of indefinite circumstance. In fact, as they’d say it; no man’s an island.

Who’s to blame in the situation – the one who’s isolated or those who isolates?

Today I spent the whole day lounging around 1 Utama, and in the course did a bit of shopping. PakTam and MakTam had to shop for Ainul’s raya clothes, and kindly decided to bring me along; to which I humbly accepted to tag in as well. One word sums the mall up: HUGE. I remember being the last time there a few years back, and believe me; the place’s grown – the term expanded is an understatement. There’s a hint in me that pinched it might be bigger than Mid-Valley; and they’re anticipating the completion of another wing expansion next year! It took me at least an hour to figure out where I was, and another hour just to make up where I was headed to. And seeing that I was in the area, I took the liberty to rendezvous with Faeza at her workplace in Country Farm Organic Foods – that which took another hour. She was the bubbly her, as usual. We didn’t spend too much time picking up stories, as the idea of taking her off her duties and responsibilities wasn’t on my favour.

On the way home, everyone spent the whole journey asleep except PakTam, of to which I’m grateful of. It would’ve been scary if he’d fell asleep on the wheel, not to mention life-threatning.

Today might be exhausting, but was fun nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

Haha g gak ko 1 Utama ek.... Besarkan.. I definitely think its bigger than MV la... anyways Fadhil dah kat vbangi ni, bile nak sungkai nagn die?