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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"The One with going back to REALITY.."

The past week has been like a dream - having to spend a few days of ramadhan with my family, had sungkai dinings with Fifah as well as lots of time spent together, having some freetime to myself; basically for once it felt great to be on familiar soil.

Alas, don't take it the wrong way. It's not that I'm unfamiliar with my graduate life in KL but here in KK everything seemed simpler - everything so into place. Tommorow's gonna be my flight outta here and back into reality. So harsh it seems, but life must go on. Sometimes I reckon I've made the right choice of going to UPM, rather than start a carrier someplace here. I think that's the point; whether you've made the right choice or not - it's still your call and sooner or later you'll have to make a stand.

So my next sunrise would be my last spent in KK and probably not until somewhere around a few months later would I venture back. InsyaAllah my semester's starting in January and that means I won't be having any breaks at least till May...I can take the classes and assignments as well as intense labwork; I'd like to think of myself as a man of action - kinda strive under pressure to perform. But when it comes to the fact that I'll be missing my family and Fifah so much is unbearable. Well, at least I'm much luckier than Afzal who's in UK. At least on the bright side this coming Syawal I'll be together again with all of them.

Yup, definitely something to keep me going. Dahla puasa sekarang ni...

Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to Afzal! Thanks bro for being there for us and sharing your love and care. I know this comes as chessy and cliche' on your behalf but I could never ask for a better younger bro than you. May this turn on your clock would bring more wisdom, knowledge and maturity to you. It seems that just yesterday we're bowling for the Stars of Tommorow Finals, what with your hand 'injury' and all...:-)

Time flies, and by the time you realised it history was made.

I've always instilled in others the importance of being positive and always seeing through the worse of all conditions. Maybe it's time I took that principle into practice. It's easy to give advice to people but when it happens to us then it's entirely a different thing. Whatever it is, I'll always believe that there're always sun after rain, calm after hurricanes, bright skies beyond cloudy storms. Whatever comes my way, I'll take it with my chin up and hands knuckled. For there's nothing you can't achieve when you've set for mind for it.

I once believed this, and there's no reason not to now that I'm here. Where I stand.


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Anonymous said...

Huhu..terharu aku membaca entry kali nih..apa lagi dengan diungkitnye insiden tangan injured itu...thanks a lot bro,look after urself in KL yeah?! -afzal