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Saturday, October 15, 2005

"The One with building wealth, and cutting yourself some slack.."

I talk a lot.

You might not realise it, but I enjoy talking. Ask any of my friends or acquaintances and they’ll tell you that I crap a lot. In fact, I insult the word crap. Come to think of it; crap is an understatement. Thus I kinda pity the people around me - for having to put up with all my endless mumblings all the time. Especially Fifah, and Andi.

Today I managed to break fast with Azfar and Yam in, where else but Mid-Valley. Three’s a small crowd, but for me they’re all I need (because they’re all I’ve got! :-p). Amidst the intense crowd flocking through the valleys of shops and more shops, the term ‘fun time shopping’ buzzes really vaguely into mind. I arrived at the stroked of half past 5pm, and before we knew it Nando’s was our destination. The three of us exchanged a lot of stories upon waiting, and a fraction emphasized on how to build and maintain wealth.

It’s still feels surreal – knowing that now we’re graduates earning our own piece of the pie. It might be a very small pie; but alas it’s something we’ve earned by ourselves instead of coming from the overflows of our precious Pa-Ma financing previously. Believe me, it gives you that weird sense of satisfaction and having money all to yourself really feels powerful. So powerful that it often blinds your judgement regarding spending on what you need over what you want. At this point, each penny is valuable as gold and with that we need to build wealth. Or at least pave its grounds. Because, whether you like it or not we’ll grow old – and when we can no longer work it is this monetary foundation that’ll save our butts. No pun intended.

We said our goodbyes at around 9pm; of course with expectations of more fun outings in the future.

On the way home I was overwhelmed by this sense of relaxation behind the wheel. I wondered, how is it that we’ve forgotten on the urge to relax, to have fun and to live in the moment under these hectic atmospheres of the city? What is it that we’re so much chasing after? Is it that urgent we’d put our lives at stake driving manically on the highway, or frantically rushing through hordes of people at the station only to board the already crowded LRT train? Did we forget to enjoy the ride? Indulge in the free time we finally have to ourselves? If we stop thinking of time spent for a moment and emphasize more on actually spending it – we’ll realise that there’s nothing to chase after anyways. Just BE in the moment. Every step, every breath…enjoy your surroundings, relax, and breathe. Then you’ll have lived.

There’s a difference between coming home feeling good and coming home feeling great. We make the choice, but more importantly we make it happen.

Right now, I feel great.



Anonymous said...

ois, ko ada gaji suda kan? bah, jan lupa duit raya aku sama afzal, maklum la, kami belum kerja, dpt pahala bah membantu orang susha....

Anonymous said...

uishh ya ba..tambah2 lagi aku ni..musafir jauh gila sampai UK bos..andi ndakpa lagi ada nafkah dari bos sama mem..:p