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Thursday, October 20, 2005

"The One with Getting into The Festivities..."

This Ramadhan has been sailing past me as if blown by the west winds.

It's rather suprising that in less than two weeks Syawal will extend its greetings and Muslims all over the world shall rejoice over the celebration of Aidilfitri. I know I will, I've been yearning for it for so long....:-)

Had another break-fasting session with Azfar, Is and Faeza this week. They've been great to find it in their busy schedules to fit in these little gatherings. Guess all of us still haven't calibrated into all these carrier mumbo-jumbo. For most of us, the memories of going through classes in varsity comes across still anew and fresh as it was yesterday. Anyways, we had, as usual, a very lengthy conversation over our dinner at Shakeys and another joyous chitty-chats after Maghrib prayers in KFC - thanks to Faeza who was kind enough to treat us to a round of cheezy wedges and salsa fries. Talk about keeping your diet in check! Somehow time always manages to get the best of you when the conversation's just heating up.

During the course of the week I've also managed to rendezvous with Lie and catch-up on stuff. She seems to be quite content with her life at the moment; and I'm kinda happy for her. Such a nice person deserves all the wonders life could bring. "Happy 23rd Birthday Lie, and many many happy returns in the future..."thanks for always being a good friend, and inspiring my life with your never fading strength and utter determination going through this rough life.

However there's one thing that bugs me all these while; the lack of that Aidilfitri spirit! In the past you couldn't walk pass anywhere without the tunes of Raya songs from P.Ramlee, Saloma, Sudirman, M.Nasir and such. Alas, I've been to Mid-Valley almost thrice this week and only recently I heard Sudirman's rendition of 'Dari Jauh ku Pohon Maaf' being played...I mean, c'mon guys - Aidilfitri only springs by once a year, and celebrated by more than half the population! I miss the whole fuss and hoax of going back to KL and meeting the rest of the family. I miss those regular family gatherings and get-togethers, shopping for raya clothes with mom nagging and dad irritating....those were much, much simpler times.

Maybe it's just that I'm all grown up now - time flies by so fast that you're already ditching the fun times you had growing up.

Nevertheless, I'm so looking forward to next week; my family's coming over and I'll be taking a long holiday off anticipating the arrival of Aidilfitri, and the smell of those all time favorites - rendang, lemang, ketupat and kuah let me just wipe all these saliva off my mouth.



Anonymous said...

huhu..sedihnya aku membaca entry kali ni considering diriku yang jauh ini..;(

Fellie said...

hey jaff, thanx for d bday wish..
din knw tat uve been aware of everything tat ive gone thru...and most suprisingly, i din know tat u would understand... everbody has been blaming me without even considering what ive gone thru...its been tough back then and it's very sad... but now its a relief for me after i bravely made my move by stepping out from my own zone... it really touched me inside tat at least i know there's someone who really care...