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Monday, October 10, 2005

"The One with imparting knowledge onto others.."

I blame the obesity problems Malaysians face daily to the manufacturing etiques of those food companies. These days I find that you can dilute any single beverage on the market and it's still gonna taste great. That carton of milo, Vanilla coke, even fruit juices, you name it. Try it for self, mix 3 parts of the beverage of your fav drink to 1 part water. It's gonna cost you less sugar intake, but still maintain that flavor you adore! (*cue applause here*)

That would be my health message for the year.

Yesterday marks the last day of my OUM-stint in UMS. God only knows the grief and tension we endured to handle about 200 students coming over from all over Sabah, each has seen too many raya celebrations and gone through more Merdeka celebrations than yours truly. See, that's the problem with trying to teach older people with little basic science knowledge. I'm passionate about education - I try to impart as much knowledge as my small wisdom permits me to as many people possible; for me science can be very interesting and humbling.

But when you're trying to impart that wisdom on people 10 years your senior; now that's another thing. Even trying to explain the fundamentals of osmosis would cost you your patience. Being the 'persistent patient' person that I 'think' I am - I hope that after yesterday they could distinguish that water movement from potatoes through their membranes into a sucrose solution is osmosis; and that those 'nasty' movements in their bowels are an entirely different scientific experiment, nothing to do the very least with osmosis.

But alas all's worse ends well. It was tiring, but what can I say? By the end of the day you'll feel great reliazing that you've made at least a few individuals more enlightened. Plus, they call you 'cikgu'. How many times in your life does older people call you by that? Suddenly I feel kinda old....cikgu jep....hmm.

I'll stick to just jep.

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