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Friday, September 02, 2005

"The One with SOOTHiiing the SOUL.."

Whenever your free or have an ample time to burn off, try this; crank up your WinAmp with songs that remind you of your younger years – I mean, the songs that you listen to growing up. For me, those would be songs ranging from The Corrs to N’Sync, as well as Sheila Majid to Nora. For people in retrospect to the current phase I’m on now, it’ll manage to soothe your soul; so to speak. Sounds cheesy but c’mon, try it out. What’ve you got to lose?

The best time I’d recommend would be when it’s raining and your computer room’s all cool and mellow. If Mother Nature’s not concurring then wait till the sun goes down, and have these tunes ease you up for a relaxing sleep. Believe me; sometimes it can bring up sweet old memories of the days when all you had to worry about is what to wear next raya. For now, songs on my list managed to take my mind off the harsh reality of life. Hence, I now believe that everything’s not that complicated – the edges of reasoning lie yet in the beholder’s point of view; you decide whether something would bother the heck out of you. Through and through.

A slight warning though, sometimes as you venture deeper and deeper into relaxation you’ll realize that you might’ve slip in a few karaoke lessons as well.

A week till convocation. Can’t wait. But I can’t also bear the realities it proceeds. Maybe Forest Gump was right – that life is indeed a BOX of CHOCOLATES. You’ll NEVER know what you’ll GET. Period.


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