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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The one with achieving independence in yourself...

The past weekend proved to be quite an interesting finish to a fulfilling week. There’s the usual jam of getting my application ready for the UPM grad studies thingy, the fire, as well as our trip to Kudat. Yup, I can safely say that this year’s family trip to Kudat with Wan Ipoh concluded with everyone having fun, shared lots of laughter and hilarious stories, but more importantly it brought the family much closer together.

These objectives goes a long way – what with convocation just around the corner, Wan Ipoh returning to Semenanjung soil as well as Afzal to UK, and most probably me going off for UPM somewhere during Ramadhan. Reality check, the next few weeks will be very tough on emotions and frankly, going on these rollercoaster rides of sulking in-and-out different feelings don’t register high on my list. Anyways, that makes life more interesting – and worth living for.

Today our nation stand up tall as it flags another year celebrating its Independence since 1957. Truthfully, we all have at least a spark of Malaysia in ourselves and it is during these times that we fell so proud of these grounds where we took our first steps, our first few falls, and as we grow up from our fall we mature into the people we are today. But tell me, just HOW Malaysian are we in the sense that we LOVE our country. Talk might be cheap, but that’s just what I’ve been dictated to for the past few years. Saying MERDEKA every now and then, once a year surely doesn’t register us as a grateful citizen if we don’t play our part in helping our dear nation move forward. I quote Othman Hafsham – “..tapi ingat, kalau nak berjalan, mesti ke depan…bukan ke belakang.” Simple really, but the connotation goes a long way. I just love that ad.

So to those of my dear friends walking ahead in their lives, I bid you the greatest of success in whatever of your ventures; may you guys progress further into your dreams and ambitions. To those who feel that they’re moving backwards instead of forwards – always remember you’re just walking in reversal to where you should be walking; sometimes all you need is a little budge to get back en route. It can surprise you how little effort you need to get hold back of your dreams. Retrace your steps, and look forward. It’s never too late to start anew, the world awaits you and it’s laying down its playground for you to ride on.

But for those in standstill, it’s about time to budge. In front of you lie endless possibilities. If I’ve learnt something from my past ventures, it’s that the future always bring forth exciting surprises – be it ups or downs. Regardless, you’ll never know which unless you try. Learn to take risks and reap the rewards of life; that’s what my friends in Gwangju used to say to me when I was in Korea…

Hah, quite a handful of soulful crap for you guys right? Just expressing my thoughts actually. I’ve been here and there these few days, having conversations with quite a number of acquaintances, sharing a lot of problems and issues. Felt that I could sum up the best advice I could give you guys in this post. I hope it helps a little.

You guys know who you are.


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