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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A 'Fiery' Experience!

Did I mention to you guys that a few days back I had the experience of my life? A house caught fire just a couple of metres away from mine.

The scary thing was, the fire crept from a bedroom upstairs while the people downstairs had no idea whatsoever! Thank God we were up to our usual recreational activities outside and stumbled across the fogging smoke emerging from their rooftop. The rest was, of course history. In about 20 mins later the fire brigade took care of the business of putting the flames off; finishing what Afzal, Andi and I tried to do.

Yup, we valiantly ventured into the burning house and initially tried to extinguish the fire from the inside. But then we fell victim to the thick black smoke already converging on the top floor and call it quits. I mean, life over heroism kinda makes sense in that moment right?

Anyways, it was a great scare for everyone that day. Kinda reminds you how easy your life can just flash in front of your eyes. But c'mon, 'bile je boleh masuk2 rumah terbakar ni?' :-)


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CiNdY said...

hey jep... u've made a hero out of urself~ ;) how's life in putrajaya/upm???