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Sunday, August 21, 2005

"The thing about the future..."

Yesterday’s gathering was great. Well, think of it as a smaller-scale gathering. Think of the number seven. For seven people that showed up, really. Yup, we all chilled up to a McDs lunch and a late afternoon showing of Bewitched to sum the whole get-together. All in all it was a very enjoyable day. At least for me, but I’m sure the rest had fun also.
Today’s just another lazing-off day for me. That’s just it with Sundays you know – the only day where you get to wake up with the sun slightly above your head, have brunch (or a VERY late breakfast), relax on the sofa with the remote in your hand, the telly under your call. Nope, no outings for me today, not under todays cool rainy weather. It’s not that often that you get an undeniably killer combination of a lazy day topped with the breezing sounds of raindrops and ambient atmospheres; believe me this is bliss…
Fifah and I had a great conversation with Erni in our way back from CP yesterday, and I finally realized something. Like Erni, most of us graduating students are still under the realities of tomorrow – the worry of anticipation into nothing. Of course, many are still under the perception of having nothing to look forward to after convocation. For now, it’s just the worry of finding the right clothes and attire to complement the huge convo suits. Or maybe what sort of hairstyle, or whether to wear that secret lucky underwear…you know, just for luck.
The point is, at this phase in our lives its time to take risks. Or take charge. Be it foregoing your studies, or even take up employment on a job completely not intercalating with your major. The time has come to grow up. To come out of our shells. To flap our wings. It’s now or never people…
So, to those of you guys our there still uncertain about your futures ahead…I suggest to take the effort now. Before it’s too late. Because I’ve learnt from the wisdom of those already employed, already having a new target to achieve, that if you refuse to take that chance of putting yourself in the middle and being vulnerable, insecure as well as totally desperate for a change, then you’ll just be another number to the growing statistics of unemployed graduates the nation is facing. And believe it or not, sometimes it just takes very little effort to get noticed. So little to make a change so significant.
Because that’s just how life is. Unpredictable, and always full of suprises.

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Pilot Whale said...

my oh my, u sound so wise and matured (kesimpulannya, tua la)...
but wise words nonetheless bro... rock on!