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Friday, August 19, 2005

"The thing with gatherings, and Willy Wonka.."

Tommorow's gonna us Biotechian's first attempt at our 'inaugural' gathering...sad to say it's back here in lil' ol' KK; much to the anticipation and inital hype of it being somewhere in the midst of the ever so metropolitan of KL. Alas, we go with what we have and for now; this will have to do.
Thanks to Yahya, Peja, and of course Willy Wonka I anticipate tommorow's gathering to be a success...that is over-ruling the possibilities that Charlie and The Chocolate Factory would bore us to hell, or the outbreak of fungal-infested popcorns. All in all, with fingers crossed I look forward to tommorow.
I've been spending the whole week 'menemani' Fifah in the IPB lab, where in the same time wreaking havoc on the lab's computer and successfully irritating it's inhabitants - much to a very small pint of satisfaction I might add. Sometimes you just have to bond some fun in what you do; and if what you do is scientific research, you'll need loads of that or you'll end up figuring out just how many steps you'll need to get from end to end of the lab and just how many tiles are there in IPB. Lies I'm not telling, nor any legs am I pulling...believe me it can happen. Oh, by the way now I've estimated that there's at least 312 tiles on SST's foyer, not counting the stairs. Or was it 321 tiles?
My grandma came to visit us this week, all the way from Ipoh. Much to her pleasure, I've strictly condoned any efforts she made to leave KK anytime before convocation. I just love Wan Ipoh. She 'senang melatah'. So that means you'll always manage to hear the oddest stuff and most gramatically challenged phrases every now and then when she's around. And multiply that possibility by 10 when a rugby match is on. I just love her being around. She supports whatever you watch on tv, and fun to have a conversation with. I know Afzal does.
I'm seriously lamenting on my MSc's proposal at the moment. Just making the effort of going through papers and journals everyday - feels like going for lectures again. At least this time I'm a step further than where I was. Two things I'm looking forward to - the coming convocation and my graduate studies in UPM. This of course not taking into account tommorow's gathering.
Again, nothing much to tell...just an ordinary thought in the depths of my empty mind.

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