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Friday, August 19, 2005

"The thing with being grateful, and stuff..."

Everyday we're given the same options by God Almighty. Option number 1 : to live the day to our fullest, making the most of it and at the end of the day look back and smile. Option number 2 : to repeat the same rituals we did the previous day, mourn on how bad we think our lives are, end up doing nothing at all, and at the end of the day mourn again for not having anything to do the whole day. I bet all of us are equally similar in this atmosphere. The great thing is God gave us choices; we choose whether to screw it up or take charge.
I count my blessings - I have the best family ever, an ever caring and loving soulmate, loyal and forgiving friends, and more recently the opportunity to forego my graduate studies. In perspective; I have all my life laid in front of me, for I have things to look forward to and a career worth striving for. And for all that I'm grateful. I love my family, my precious, my friends, and my life...
This goes personally from me to those of my dear friends as well as people out there that feel that their future and lives are on the brink of a big full stop. Don't ever look down on yourselves and where you are now. You got to where you are not by chance, and you can go anywhere your mind sets you to and your fantasies dream you for. Remember, "..if you look at things you don't have in life, then you'll have nothing. But contrary, if you look at things you do have in life, then you'll have everything..."
Don't forget to be grateful, and to recount your blessings everyday. That's where God is there for....answering His servant's prayers. Believe.

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Pilot Whale said...

waduh... touching gila blog entry ko ni kali... aku simpulkan... poyos shial!
heehhehe... jan marah... =)