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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Okay people...I know I've been slacking off for a LONG, LONG time before so I'm gonna try and undoubtly keep my posts updated (note : fingers crossed.) and this blog alive.
Thanks to the constant nagging and occasional ragging from my friends (special attn : Azfar and Zee) that selfishly pressured me into posting new I go : back by popular demand.
It's goes without saying that the biggest and probably most widely spoken gossip currently on the grapevine should be the conclusion of Akademi Fantasia 3. Sure, Mawi won and undeniably this wasn't without complete and catasthropical speculation that Astro might've been playing a big part in the manipulations of the votes; but hey, he won fair and square right? I beg to differ. The only thing making me feel better of Marsha's and Amylea's defeat is the silent echoes generated by the holes in the many, many pockets of Mawi's 'dedicated' fans. I don't mean to be prejudice or lay aside a biased opinion (well, it is MY blog) but c'mon, maybe his win was justified but Best Vocals? Clearly all of us know the recognition is well deserved on another student's behalf.
I gotta detach from all this AF emotions. Thinking and reliving the memories can be quite hurtful...;-(
Today Fifah and I, along with the other dedicated (I repeat, DEDICATED) personnels of BRI organised a 2-day seminar on GMOs, an attempt on my behalf to fill in the time before I start my MSc somewhere after graduation. It turned out well, the auditorium was packed and the lectures were keen on current topics and agendas concerning GMOs. Minus the 'rajin-paksa-tisme' looks on the students faces, I think todays seminar concluded well...I guess. Both Fifah and I wouldn't know that is, because we kinda 'left' early in the middle....:-)
I believe that in times such as this where boredom usually kicks in and you have nothing to do but stare at that black stain on the wall of your living room, the only thing you have are your friends *cue HappyTreeFriends Theme Song*. I managed to meet Jo and Cindy yesterday in the late afternoons and Lie, Chris, Ee Chi and Jeremy later in the evening. I guess it feels really good knowing that you still have these people to talk to and hang out with. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the times I spend with my dearest Fifah but it'd be nice to keep in touch with accomplices in your neighbourhood. Boy I miss Azfar, Fadil, and the rest of the clan. We use to do a lot of stuff back in the good 'ol days. By saying good I don't mean to enact any gayish or hunny bunny ideas - it's just that life's just not the same without you guys. Fifah just can't wait till Sept, when everyone's coming back for convovation. I guess the people that means a lot in your life are the ones that you miss the most in their absence...
Soo Chin has this thing where she hates long, crappy and 'merapu' articles i.e blog posts where she thinks has no point whatsoever. Translated, that means my posts drive her nuts. So I guess this time I'll give in. Time to pen-off anyways. This dude beside me's kinda strange at the moment - apparently he's trying to humm the whole national anthem aloud by himself. And judging by the look of the pakcik in front of me, I think he's either very friendsly or he's sending gay vibes my way. Yup, I'm blogging in a Internet Cafe. Time to give back to society...:-)
Anyways, I'll post something tommorow. Just have to figure out how to access the internet in IPB tommorow. Cindy hogs the computer. I just love irritating my friends.....;-p

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zEe said...

banyakla tomorrow! pergh! i've been checking time and time again...takde pon! ahahaha! i'm sooo honoured that i'm mentioned for the second time! hehehe...naa...skarang busy with wat laks? btw...check my blog gak k?