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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Keepin' It ReaL...

Boy it's great to back on familar soil...!
My sweet friend Zeehan reminded me of how absent-minded I was with my blogging duties, having been in Malaysia for almost a month now. The fact is that it's rather hard for me to be online as frequent as I did in Korea, though it might seem as rigid as it sounds but its true.
I kinda lost a bunch of weight coming home, but now I'm making up for all those pounds I've horrendously tried to lose the last few months. Blame not the beholder of this, as no one cooks better than thy mom herself. Eating has been more of a worship for me nowadays, resorting to the ever so tasteful and heavenly munches readily available at home. How I miss not having all these food around back in GIST. Wonder how Sangjin and everyone's doing now that I'm no longer there. Maybe having the time of their lives...:-)
This week I've spent lounging around in KK, finding in the depths of all the hecticness and the heat as well as the commonly unexpected showers, everything else possible to kill time. Aiysha's and Mom's birthday came up about a few days ago (both their birthdays are only two days apart) so this week has been a real torment on my financial...hahahha not exactly. The celebration of both birthdays were great, and my family has not been as close as we are at the moment. In a way I like how my current household life now. Afzal's gonna be home till September, so that's gonna buy us time together as a unit for at least until Atiqah's birthday next month. Dad's birthday is coming later next week. Now buying something for him will prove to be a real challenge.
Thanks Zee for keeping it real with this blog thingy. If not of you, God knows when I'll ever keep posting. I'll try and update more in the future, well I have to considering all these time I have to myself now.
I need to get a life.

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