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Monday, September 05, 2005

"The One with the Convocation Cheers.."

Tonight I had a very enjoyable conversation session after dinner with Afzal and my parents. Of course, it was one of those ‘sembang-sembang’ moments where you just relax and talk just about everything and laugh to all sorts of mishaps we all did in our younger years. Sometimes one would converse about their experiences abroad and another shall continue with theirs. Forget that it was already more than an hour ‘berborak’, dinner was still on the dining table and we’re still raging hot with stories to tell. I’m gonna miss these kind of times when I leave for my MSc studies and as Afzal departs for Sheffield, all awaiting end of this month. Our family has been through its ups and downs and we’ve been through a lot to get where we are now – I’m happy with what we have today. Sometimes family bonding can come in ways very miniscule, mediocre in nature but takes a deep insight.

Surprising, almost ironic really….

We took home our convocation robes today – me, Fifah, Nina, Feeza and Shah. You’re kinda like struck by this sort of weird, exciting feeling as you try out those prestigious attire you’ll only wear once or twice (thrice, for some) in your life. Believe me. It’s almost unusually strange. Strangely weird. Maybe it’s the feel of the robes against your skin; or maybe that convo hat is just blocking oxygen uptake to your brain. Anyways, the robes were mostly intact – eluding the fact that the initial robe they gave me had only one hook on instead of two. Evading their advice of installing the second one myself, I opted for a replacement. They concurred, and gave me one that was sewn together instead of hooked up. Now I feel like I’m gonna be wearing one of those bullet-proof vests the SWAT team in India wears. Well, at least the hat adds an intelligent touch. Plus, I get to look like those dashing Jedi Knights you see in Star Wars. Jedi Master Jep, hmmn. I like that. Better name than Jar Jar Boinks.

Anyways, I have a feeling this week’s gonna be great. Fun, but also great.

I await my collegues coming over in the next few days. Zaharin’s arriving tomorrow, Azfar on Wed and Fadil Thursday. Boy it’s gonna be swell, having all the boys back.

P/S : I’m happy~~:-)


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