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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

..A shade of transparency..

Is there such as thing as undying love? By labelling one's such profound affections as being immortal, truth be told is actually most of the time, just a figment of considerable levels of a concoction made up of mixed emotions - thus making the whole statement incompetent entirely, as well as cliche' and outdated because the feeling's only as mutual as the feeling that coincides as per it subsides. However, as cliche, as outdated, or as obsolete the term goes by - these are those feelings that makes you awe and take note of how special someone is in your life. And how precious the moments you share between each other; every tickle of time goes by so slowly and gracefully you'd feel as if you've finally got hold of time - only to realise that you've actually found the best in to share your time with. That feeling, is divine.
That is what I feel, every time I think of her.
I'm coming home soon...sooner than both of us find it to be.

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