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Thursday, June 16, 2005

My HeaD HuRtS....

The last few days (make that weeks) have really taken a toll on us UMS interns. Following our final week here in Gwangju before leaving for Seoul on Tue we are caught balancing both our time and sanity trying to make deadlines on our labworks while preparing for the upcoming Cultural Nite '05 that's due tommorow. So far, everything's still bearable; but having to sleep at 4am in the morning and wake up 4-5hours later really isn't high on our lists of favorite routines. However the only thing pulling us together at the moment is the sweet promise of getting back to KK in a weeks time. And currently, we're giving it all we have.
We're preparing about four dishes of Malaysian cuisine for the cultural booth; chicken rendang, satay, kuah kacang with nasi himpit, and hopefully karipap. I mean, karipap was a last minute addition when we realised that makin onde-onde was gonna be quite an obstacle knowing that you can't easily find dessicated coconuts here in Korea. Not cheap, at least. We've started a few days early - we've already started preparing the ingredients for kuah kacang on Tue. In the same time most of us are also busy preparing the posters that we'll put up on show the same day. The only thing we're afraid of is not being able to finish all those food; we're supposed to sell them to at least 100 people and the proceedings will go to charity. And in the same time promote that Malaysians have a great sense of taste when it comes to food.
GIST has prepared a number of great itineries for the celebration of their 10th Anniversary. Earlier this week, they've hosted a Nobel Laureate lecture plus mant Research Symposiums; all of which Jo, Soo Chin, Cindy and I attended. In a way it's great going to all these events because it kinda inspired me to do research in a field now I'm getting acquainted with - Nanoscience. Yesterday I went to the Da Vinci exhibition in GTI (GIST Tech Initiative) with the boys and I must say its quite and experience. Photos will follow, I promise.
Anyways, it's gonna be a hectic time tommorow. We're supposed to also participate in the cultural costume show which will proceed later that evening, so it's gonna be more interesting. I'll keep you guys posted. Whatever it is, I'm sure everything's gonna turn out fine.
Well then, where did I put that bag of peanuts?

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Pilot Whale said...

hahahaha... the thought of Jaffri doing a cultural performance... good luck bro... and all the best with the food too... hope the Koreans survive...