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Monday, June 06, 2005

*pertemuan dan perpisahan*

Everybody has their own set of best friends. You get it all the time. Sentences such as "'s my best friends.." or "..let me introduce you to my best friend.." will always conjure at least once in someones' lifetime; sometimes twice even thrice. It's interesting really. How our emotions and feelings are able to favor another over the other. Most people say they're fun and great to hang with, but others believe in a certain karma - there's just that 'spark' you get whenever you're hangin' out together. Friendship in general is largely based on reciprocal contributions of conversations and self-interests, although in such cases self-interests self-correlates between one another. Alas, friendship is often stirred by two classic encounters; hellos' and goodbyes'.
Hellos' are always a pleasure regardless of whether you wanna indulge in a deep relationship with someone or just giving out a friendly gesture. In the former, usually goodbyes' on the long run doesn't mean much - just someone walking in-and-out of your life. But what happens when the latter happens? Now that makes the goodbyes' kinda an issue, and most of the time it'll happen sooner or later.
I've never guessed in my wildest thoughts that I'm gonna be self acquainted with GIST as much as I am the initial moments I stepped onto Korean soil. For me, it's just gonna be strictly the business of finishing my industrial training and getting on with my degree. Now that's 9 weeks ago. Being a shy one week away from my training completion and another from going home, I'm beginning to re-evaluate myself.
I've been very fortunate, that where ever I go or end up in at I find myself in the acquaintances of many people I'd be very comfortable with - the people I'd find to be more of family than friends. And the same applies here in GIST. The thought never hurdled in my mind before, until the moment I was completing my report with an ending acknowledgements section. It is at that exact lapse I realised how deep I've went down the rabbit hole. And I'm sure this applies to most of us UMS interns, especially us in the Life Sciences department.
Whatever it's gonna be - this goodbye will be very emotional for everyone.
I've learned from the wisdom of myself as well as others that the friendships worth a piece of your life are the ones that leave shivers of emotions (sometimes even tears) from your heart on your goodbyes' in the end. And that same wisdom taught me that though separations are temporary, but memories always remain immortal...

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