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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

waiting for my rocket to arrive...!

Sometimes I take a deep breath and it's like so surreal that I'm in a lab somewhere in Korea. I mean, it still amazes me that after all these years who'd thought that I'd end up here, of all places. Well, let's not be proud shall we? It is just only for a few months.
Well, hello children! :-)
Yesterday was another day spent worthwhile. I'm coming into my 4th week here in Gwangju and things have already gone under way, as today I'm constructing my second nanoparticle. The first one I've prepared was the PEGMA-r-TMSMA nanopolymer, and it turned out ok. At least for a beginner starting off from scratch. Still can't figure out how I was placed in this lab anyways.
This coming Friday is apparently GIST's annual sports day, and campus is kinda busy at the moment. Some of my fellow labmates have their project presentation tommorow and thus explains why they're working 24-7 like the worker-bees they are and left me here babbling on the lab's computer. Soo Chin's among a fraction of the students here preparing for the coming sport's meet - she's in the department's volleyball team. Dunno if she's any good at it; but I believe whatever it is she'll do just fine, and will turn out great. Well, she is freakishly sporty. She's even more manly than Zack if I boldly say so. She plays everything; you name it, she'll play it. And she even plays like a man, take ping pong for example. She smashes the ball like a man, I really do MEAN it. It's like, one time your returning her stroke and before you know it the ball comes back at you at nearly the speed of sound.
I'd beg for mercy if I were the opposing team - if she can do with volleyball like what she does in ping pong; playing on the other side of the net is the last thing I'd wanna do...:-D
Last sunday we took the liberty of going to Damyang. This time it took us 3 times faster to get on the right bus; but we ended up not where we opt to. I've told Cik KB and the others about my recent visit to the Soswaewon gardens in Damyang and therefore we aimed for a rendezvous trip there. The bus was headed to Damyang - only it took us to the centre of Damyang. I guess Soswaewon's nowhere near town centre, considering I have no clue of the surrounding area but at least the bus took us to the annual Bamboo Festival they were having. So at least we had the opportunity to mingle with the locals - they went all out for this festival! Nice, eventful, and HOT! I think this was the first time that I'd thought we're somewhere in Malaysia due to the heat, but believe me we were still in Korea. Hey, long story cut short; I'm gonna upload the pics later ok? Let's just say that the trip was still worth it, considering the complete change of plans.
I miss my family so much. Vanny's in touch with this guy called Dickson who she says can get affordable IDD cards and so I've asked for one. It's been so long since I last called home, and I hope by this week I'll get hold of the IDD. Need to tell my parents that everything's ok. Wonder how Fadil's hanging on in Japan? Hope he's doing fine. Life's rather scheduled here. You kinda do the same thing over and over again every day. The bathroom's rather liberating - you bathe as a group; if you get what I'm saying....
Life's like that.

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