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Thursday, April 28, 2005

In the shoes of others...

I've learned so much in life that everything will never go exactly what you expect it to go. The least you can do to overcome this blunder is to be prepared. Or anticipate. There won't be any omens that'll give you any premonitions of your future. That's just how it's intended for. Life is special, and this is due to the spontaniety all of us face every passing sunrise. A person who achieves tranquility in reliving life one moment at a time is probably the luckiest lad alive. At least for him, that is.
Forgive me for the spiritual initiation. It's just that, I've been hearing a lot about how people always regret of things that they've haven't done, has done, or should've done in the past. And much much more stories about how they're so afraid of the future that lies ahead. I know, this flaw is human - it's sometimes what keeps our feet firmly on the ground. I thank everyone for sharing their lives with me, especially when their stories help me realise how fragile life is. The thing is, I believe the sole reason why God kept the exact time for armageddon a secret, even from the teachings of the Quran (and the Holy Bible for christians), is for us to live our lives at the moment. Cherishing each breath we take and release, each situation we face growing old. A wise person will spend his life the way he wants to shape it; unlike the others who spend they're whole lifetime in search of the answer when the end of days will come. My dad always emphasized that the life worth living is not always for what you do for others, but for what you do for yourself.
Having set that, I get to my situation : very little work in a huge span of time. Which translates in me having more free time than ever. And also evidently explains why I have the opportunity to update my blog ever so often. Or go mountain climbing at Mudeung-san. Or wander around downtown Gwangju. Or having four-meals a day. I spend most of my free time doing nothing, and that begins to bother me. Well, I don't mind, but I need to find something to do. And that's difficult to achieve being in a distant place from home. Hahaha, who am I kidding? I love having a lot of free time.
Tommorow GIST's having their annual Open Lab Day. Frankly speaking, tommorow eager students, usually undergraduates will venture into the labs of each departments getting a slice of how it's like being a researcher, venturing upon developing a better science for humankind. That's rather nice of GIST - you can't get that often in Malaysian uni's. I dunno what's in store for me tommorow - I hope people don't end up asking me too much questions I don't have the answer to. Today I just sent my nanoparticle samples for electron microscope screening and I have no idea how to interpret the images taken. The good thing is that my senior researcher says that the nanoparticles have been formed and the experiment was a success. Now if only I can make up a story of how the reactions happen in case they ask me tommorow...:-D
Yesterday night was grounds for an extravaganza of fireworks here in Gwangju. There's this lovely park opposite GIST in which the city's having their Spring Flower Festival, and it was officiated yesterday night. And there wasn't an even better night for the event than yesterday - with a full-moon lit ever so clearly amidst the great ambience of light and colours. The fireworks were astonishing! And they lasted far longer than any celebration in KK. The ironic part is, this extravagant visual of fireworks display is just for the flower festival - I wonder how crazy the fireworks will be on even bigger events, like their independance day or something. I guess these Koreans study hard, work hard and play even harder. That's a nice terminology.
Ok la, I miss all my friends and family in Malaysia. Especially the following people; my mom and dad, andi, aiysha, and atiqah. I miss my mom's cooking, and my evening chats with aiysha and my mom. I miss driving atiqah and andi nuts, and I also miss talking to my dad and hear him complain about how screwed Malays are, and how Malaysia's mentality is still in the 60s whereas we're venturing into the 21st century. Oh well, life goes on. And I hope it goes by very fast for the next few months. Until next time, adios!
Oh, and I miss Fifah as well.

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