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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And my point is...

I have to apologize for the change of decor. I'm getting into the spirit of this spring season thingy...
dsdsdTruth be told, today's one of the best days so far I've had since I stepped into the shoes of a GIST intern. Today, officially I did something! And the great part is that I'm currently doing something that I think is rather interesting, that is the construction of a nanoparticle from polymers coated with PEG. So at the moment I've prepared the nanopolymers and waiting for it to unsolubilize from solution; a step taking around 7 hours. Looks like it'll be quite some time till I can get back to the dorm. Not that I'm complaining though....
sdasdI wanna thank Lie and the gang in KL for celebrating Fifah's birthday a few days back. It really meant a lot to her and I'm glad that at least she felt celebrated on a very special day. Your suprise was awesome Lie! Anyways, I've posted some links to Lie's blog as well as Cindy's. I think both are quite unique to each other and I think if you read both of their entries through you'll find that their stories kinda complement the feelings we endure every day. Distinct, yet very similar in a way. I think that's the tranquility and diversity of life - it suprises you each and every day. The point brought forward here is our ability to learn from the experience of others, getting more mature and wiser. Life's like a box of chocolates indeed - you'll never know what you'll get. There are no boundaries in life; only obstacles. And obstacles are most of the time meant to be breached.
Just another phase in life, the joys of growing up...
sssssLast Sunday was also fun, as far as breathtaking! Who knew such as beautiful place can preserve itself in the midst of all the revolution the world endures? Mt. Mudeung was one of the nicest spots I've ever been. I know; I've said it before but this tops it all - being nearly 1800m above sea level as if brings you closer to heaven. There ain't no words to confer the feelings we had reaching the peak - thankful, modest, grateful, amazed, the list goes on. The trip up was excruciating to say the least. Climbing was really hard - penat giler beb! It's as if my knees are out of their sockets and my legs are going on sleep mode. And don't get me started once we got to the 370-steep stairs to the top; now that's pain before pleasure for you! Nevertheless, once reaching the top the scenery was'll feel as if you're the king of the world. And indeed all of us were - at least for a day; at least for ourselves, once we felt that we achieved something.
There aren't any pictures of us at the peak; those pics are with Zack and I haven't had the time to upload them yet. I promise I'll make up for this. More pictures to come my friends.
dddddDunno about this week though - I think we'll leave this week open for outings nearby only. All this walking and bus-travelling can really take on your vitality. I mean, the last trip we took (to Mudeung-san) we ended spending over an hour just to figure out the right bus to jeongshima temple; located at the foot of the mountain. And that's after four busses we asked for directions. Hahahha, another adventure I presume.
sssssI'm enjoying myself at the moment - things are starting to take its path at the moment. But I can't wait to finish my internship here and get back to KK. I miss home so much. I've chatted with Zee and I agree with her when she said that the first few months abroad will be very hard. It's not even a month for me and I'm already homesick. And not to mention missing all those tasty meat and chicken - I'll never take KFC, BK, and McD for granted ever again! Hahahha...well I guess that's all for now. My labmates are calling me for dinner. What'll I have for dinner today? Hmm..I guess another bowl of ramyeon perhaps. Like the days before....
Anyang ee keseyo.

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aLfaLfa said...

the place is wildly beautiful. looking at the photos and reading ur experiences makes me wanna go there too... shall we? ;p