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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Living on the wild side!

Let me just tell you guys while it's still fresh in my memory...:-)
Today Cik KB and Zack decided that we should go and buy ourselves our own halal chicken. Since we've been deprived of this sumptuous diet and had been irritatingly tempted all this while (darn those Korean marketing posters!) the moment we set afoot in Gwangju it's time that we put our feet down. Yup, the day of reckoning is finally here. We were, for the first time determined to get some meat into our system - at any cost.
Luckily here we manipulated the help of a certain acquaintance (Codename : Park-Joo Bong) who blessed-be was more than happy to show us the way to the marketplace where they sell live chickens. Yes, I didn't miss-typed or unintentionally included the word 'live' in that particular clause. These chickens - they're very much alive and kicking when we got there.
The marketplace was a tad 20 minutes walk from GIST. The weather in Gwangju has been rather chilly and most of the time particularly shivering (think, 12ÂșC cold!) so the journey wasn't really that physically demanding. Upon arrival we expressed our intentions of 'sembelih-ing' the chicks ourselves, with the help of Mr. Park-Joo Bong himself. Well, not entirely words - kinda a conversation that's based on charades, something like that. It was fine by them; gruelling to us. The idea of us (and when I say us, I mean me and Zack) killing a bird in cold blood didn't quite listed in our resume, but what the heck. Anything for chicken meat.
Zack was the one doing the slashing and dashing, while I maintain side-kick status holding the chicken at bay. Our chicken (I called him Barney, in honour of the purple dinosaur) did not put up any challenges; the knife proved to be more demanding than ol' Barney. The knife wasn't that sharp after all, considering how many Barneys these people slaughter daily. But alas, with a quick slash....okay, maybe not that quick, think around 30 seconds Barney was killed in the name of Allah. And for us (maybe also Barney) we were glad everything's over when he stopped flapping his wings. Anyways, it was a very new and definitely shocking new experience for us!
Tonight, we feast in the name of Barney...*cue applause here*
As I mentioned, Gwangju's been pretty cold these last few days. The rain's caused GIST's Sports Day to be cancelled on the Friday till the weather calms down a bit. And the winds - NOT HELPING at all. But it's kinda okay, I mean. Better cold than blistering hot like in KK. By saying this I don't mean I hate the weather in KK but I guess change is always not entirely bad and most of the time it's temporary. Plus, we've already been here for a month and after 6 weeks more we'll soon be home. Might as well enjoy everthing while we still can, right?
Ms. Kim was so kind to invite us to join GIST's industrial trip they're organizing this coming 18 and 19 of May. The trip's gonna be in Ulsan, Wolsong and Gweongju and Pohang so I guess we're going by their bus. Sounds really fun, and for 30,000won for two days including meals I think that's a steal. And we're gonna be on a road-trip; how much fun that'll be! At least we get to skip a few days off lab, get to go sightseeing around Korea for once. And this time actually knowing where we're going! :-D
I miss my family at the moment, and this coming Mother's Day I would like to extend my warmest wishes to my lovely beautiful mom. Happy coming Mother's Day mak, thank you for all those years of tender loving care, sculpting me into what I am now. For all your love and support, I'm forever in debt to; and I just wanna tell you that I'm the luckiest son the whole wide world for having you as my mother. I thank God for blessing me with such as wonderful mom as yourself. I love you mom...Happy Mother's Day...:-)
And for all of you still not wishing your mums - I suggest you do so!
I guess that's it for now. Getting all mushy and lovvy-duvvy after killing a bird is not a good combination. Gotta go take a bath. Oh will I have nightmares tonight! To my darling Fifah, I miss you too. Take care of yourself okay? And to you, my fellow bloggerific supporters, God bless and have a nice day!!
Kamsa hameeda.

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