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Monday, March 07, 2005

Thinking of something without your mind complying...:-)

Yesterday was a short night...

Taking how my sleep got by these few days really kept me thinking on whether I have acquired any sleeping disorders. I've had less and less hours of sleep, and yesterday I only had aound 4 hours of sleep. Of course, the irony that I hit the sack around 2am didn't help but it took me around roughly 4-5am till I got into dreamland. This has been an enigma sticking in my backside and now it's starting to get on my nerves. I mean, these are the times where sufficient sleep will ensure sanity of your mind throughout exams and these insomnia problems are not at all helping me.

Oh, and Manchester United finishing a mere 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace last night was definitely not a contributing factor to a good night sleep yesterday....

The weather has been treating us weirdly these few weeks, isn't it? I mean, it's too darn hot in the morning going into the hot that I reckon you could fry an egg on the streets. Yeah I know its a cliche' but believe me - it IS that HOT. But what's weird is that nowadays the weather's bound to be cloudy somewhere in the late afternoons. Sometimes it's as if its about to rain cats and dogs, but thats just it - no rain, not even a single drop. Hmm wonder how it'd be on the 21st Mac when its forecasted that temperatures will rise a high of 40°C. Now that's something to ponder about.

Oh, and today KK has the windiest weather ever. I bet you could glide from Likas to Tg. Aru by just the valor of winds today. It definitely helped ease the blistering heat we endure daily...

Today concludes my time-off with notes and everything Biotech - it's time to dig into Applied Molecular Genetic's tons and tons of lecture notes. Of course my collegues back in UMS know that Dr. R's class has one of the most extensive and in-depth lectures; the amount of literature you need to go through is collossal compared to other subjects. Again being the slacker I am undoubtly I've missed a lecture or two so I decided to borrow notes from someone I could always hope on - Jo. Got to her house around 2pm to borrow AMG notes and realised that I've a lot to revise on....there's just too darn much to study about! Fortunately enough AMG exam's on the 10th Mac so I have quite a margin to study. Again, all the best to my fellow UMSians and hopefully this'll be a turnaround after a devastating paper last Friday.

Thanks Jo for the notes, God-willing I'll make it up to your kindness....:-)

You know, the part and parcel of life as a varsity student is that at this age you'll start to face choices that'll potentially alter the whole course of your life's future. Take LI for example; you'd need to prepare a full CV and send in applications to various companies stating that your applying for internship. Getting them to reply is half the problem - the other half being to choose when you have more than one alternative. Choose the wrong company and you might end up blewing your chance of long-term job opportunities at another company. Multiply this by infinity and you'll get what I mean, the pressure we're put into.

Don't get me wrong - this is fully and entirely our responsibility and that we should be mature enough to be independant on our own. Just expressing my mind....

Jo stated something interesting enough today - we were talking about pressures a student endures everyday. It might not always be from yourself but pressure can also amount from your family, regardless of how far you study. She said that you can't always expect people to be happy all the time; because each and every person has their own share of problems, and these problems affects them differently to what we may usually perceive. I've always tried to be as cheerful as I can in the views of other people but I realise that I should also respect other people's feelings as well. Sometimes I pressure people into forgetting their problems without thinking how they affect them. Some people can easily remain calm in the fear of their problems and some can also learn to get over their problems faster than you can prononced Schwarzenegger (did I get it right?). But never tell people what to do - give them time. I realise this now and I'm glad to have people around me who care for me. For me, their happiness is mine and being able to make anyone laugh really comforts me in knowing that I've brought a change into someone else's life....even if it doesn't change the reality of their lives but at least at that very MOMENT it changed for them. And I've also shared my good deal of problems - and I'm lucky enough to have someone as caring, humble and patient as Fifah to help me through all of it. God knows that without her in my life, I'd be stranded in the dark figuring out the rationale of each problem. I thank God everyday for every 24 hours I have with her in my life.

Today I learned something valuable, and for that my love and gratitude for the people who helped me get to where I am has greatly blossomed..thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Hmmm....quite provocative stuffs today. I apologize if its too much, too cheesy or somewhat too rubbish for you guys to comprehend with. I promise more stories with substance next time. Hey why don't you guys mail me about your lives? Let's share stories here in my blog. Oh, and thanks for all those mails commenting on the's great to hear that there are people out there that visits my itty bitty little blog.

I'll give it till 9pm before I start hitting my notes. My minds in study gear but I believe my body still doesn't comply. Plus, M Schumacher was out after 30+ laps just now and I'm depressed that he hadn't finish at the podium today. Hahahha guess Malaysia's leg will be more interesting. Till next post, have a nice day and God bless!


P/S : Hey why don't you check out Lie's blog at ? It's a great and interesting blog of hers that's been an inspiration of mine all these while. She's one of the sweetest most frank person I've met in my life. Check it out! :-)

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