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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Life's like that...

Sometimes life can kick you at where it hurts - but sometimes it can just make you stronger.

I'm not sure whether I told you guys about my applications for industrial training in Korea a few weeks back; maybe I did...Well results out today - and I must say that it didn't go my way. Yup, I was not among the three enlisted to go to GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) but it wasn't at my pride to be frustrated. Congratulations to the three Biotech students selected - Cindy, Soo Chin and Jo; and I must say that there's none other more qualified students to represent UMS than these three. Good luck for the journey ahead!

You know, it was quite late till it really hit me. Hmm....I was building up to the anticipation of going but alas it was a very challenging feud, the applicants were very outstanding. And I wasn't the only one not selected - there were other people turned down and most of them also deserved as much as me to be in GIST. Well, sometimes there comes a point at which someone has to be selected, and some have to be discarded. Life's like that, you know? At least I still have LI options here in Malaysia - IMR, HKL etc. Maybe have to pull some strings at this point. And maybe it still isn't time for me to go out of Malaysia. Maybe later in life. I believe the time will come for me, and when it does I'll be ready for it.

At least Fifah was happy - as well as I do; it's better that we are together for each other here than to be separated apart if I were to go.

Tommorow's my 2nd paper of exams; as well as for the rest of my collegues. Dr. R's papers have always been one of the toughest and usually involves lots and lots of writing and diagramming. But the lucky thing is that the questions are sometimes predictable - I've had my share of luck and hopefully this time it'll come around as well. Good luck for all my friends about to venture into exam halls tommorow; let's make it count.

As you may know, not much to tell today. Well let's just say that although handling the Korean thing quite well I'm still not in the mood for joyous celebrations and stuff. Still so much to think about at the time. With the coming VIVA in two weeks, exams tomorow and next week. Well, one elephant through the chimney at one time. We'll worry about it when it gets here.

Planning on watching Lemony Snicket's after exams tomorow; Fifah and me have been dying to watch it but couldn't find the right moment when we do deserve to have some fun. At least tomorow's a good idea. Studying for the last few days have really taken a toll on each of us and we need a break. Plus movies are good to soothe the aching heart. *sigh*

Life's like that...


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