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Friday, March 11, 2005

Congratulations SPM batch '04 - you've done the nation proud!

Congratulations to those high-end achievers of SPM '04...rejoice 'cause you've earn 'em!

This year SPM results are just da' bomb! Over 2,000 students passed with all As; the highest achiever being Nur Amalina from Johor with an astonishing 17As! And those are all A1s - the highest possible grade you can score in SPM. I'm not quite sure either the marking standards have been lowered this year but to pull of something like 17 aces in a that with being a prodigy in debates and extra-curricular activities. A child any parent would've ever dreamt of. Well, again this statement is highly subjective. However I salute the other students that achieved flying colours this passing exam and hope that this year's batch will surpass this amazing mark they've set....celebrate guys, you've earned your share!

Yesterday was definitely a better paper than last week - AMG exams happily concluded and everyone exited the hall more with smiles and laughter than smirks and blunders...Dr. R's papers have always been quite predictable and I thank God that luck was still coming my way as all the topics I've covered and spotted came out. Hopefully this will make up for the terrible GE paper last week. One more paper to go; one less thing to think about.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Lie. It's been a while since we both talked and I must say I miss talking to her. She and I can talk for hours - we both are quite heavy-crappers and thus yesterday we've talked about a handful of things. About LI, life after UMS, future plans and's nice really. Oh and Jo was there too. Two of my great friends whom I've haven't spend sweet conversations with for a long time.

Watched Lemony Snicket's yesterday (the cinema poster spelled Lemony Snicker's - what's up with that?) and it was a very nice movie. Great storyline with astounding performances from Jim Carrey; who I must say is one of the most talented actors around. And Emily Browning playing violet reminded me of a much younger version of Hillary Duff, as was Sunny the infant with a craving of biting; soooo cute and adorable. The story was indeed provoking although hindered by a slow start into the storylines. And the array of ideas put into the film inspired by the book - really creative and unique; a creative inventive girl, brilliant genius brother and cute irresistable baby sister....a trio combination that fits into the movie like a key to its lock. Going to watch it again this Saturday maybe; I've promised my younger siblings for a Saturday movie and I can't think of a better genre than this.

"It's all in the mind...if you've put your mind to it anything can be done.." that's what my dad told me when he first showed me the paper headlining Amalina's amazing 17As. Its up to you to decide whether you want to succeed or not. He always said that schools are bent on teaching the minds of students to incur their self belief in themselves; not jack in tons and tons of homework and knowledge, well at least not entirely. Of course they teach but it's up to you in the end of the day. Six gruesome hours 5-days a week learning can prove to be nothing if you don't have it in you to study. But if you set your mind - believe me straight As is no problem.

Why didn't he tell me all this 5 years ago?

Yesterday night an old friend called me - a friend I knew waaaayy back in primary school. He's starting his own business and told me that whenever I was in KL I should drop by his Bakery; yup he's starting his first bakery store somewhere in Sungai Besi. It's great for him considering that he was a drop-out of matriculation and was jobless there on till today. He told me that reality didn't kick-in till he was 21. Believe me 21 is that point of age that you start to think about who you'll be, who you'll be with and what you'll be doing for the rest of your life. You wouldn't want to spend the rest of your life till your 30's on mama's money right? And this reality comes so hard for us men. So that was what he told me - he wanted to change. Of course he knew that he had to start all over again on his A-levels and that it would take time to even get to a degree, so hey he just decided to start his own venture. And his family, they were so supportive that the capital used to start the business was invested by his dad and uncle. Guess it soothed their hearts knowing that for once their son had a passion he was ready to pursue, and this time he wanted to do it right. His story firms my belief that it's all up to your mind; when you set your mind on something and believe in it, there's nothing that can stop you.

I wish the best in his out Min, I might take you up to that promise of yours! :-)

It's great to be able to post this without the fear of exams, well at least for another 5 days that is...oh and did I mention I'm doing my LI in IMR's diagnostics division? The Biotech lab's already full with 60 eager students and therefore I'm transferred there. Hope I'm not the only one and that I won't be doing any diagnostics that involves the morgue....

Alas, life goes on...


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