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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Here we are, at the end of the beginning...

I apologize for my absence these few days.

Exams OVER! It didn't hit me the first few hours after Dr. Z's paper ended around briefly 11.30am yesterday. Yup, it's probably the last paper of the semester, and to a majority of us it meant the last paper we'll ever have for the rest of our lives. Countering more than thirty papers in a span of 3 years, it's not boastful if I say that we've done ourselves proud, my fellow Biotech pals of UMS batch 2005; this is indeed the end of the beginning. Upon us lies the whole world for the taking, and its up to us now to mend our own path.

It's a mixture of sadness and joy yesterday. Some of us had another semester, some another year to go through due to certain unfortunate events but I'm sure things will turn out to the best of them. For them a majority will be leaving soon - the rest of us still have our VIVA on monday. Danial's leaving today; I've shared quite a handful of memories with him and its kinda sad that he's leaving before our farewell picnic next week. It's gonna be a very tiring week ahead mentally; especially for me as I'll be saying goodbye to some of the best and great people I've ever had the priviledge to meet in my life. Of course I wish all of you the best in your industrial training, and at this moment the only thing that's keeping my spirits up is Fifah and that the farewells will conjure promise towards reunion later this year for graduation day.

Oh, did I mention where I'm going for my LI? Well its final; I'm going to Korea! Zaharin was the bearer of this great news when I met him in SST yesterday. Tommorow's the first meeting of a few regarding this matter. As much as it pleases my parents its undeniably hard for Fifah and me. Of course we've spent almost all the time with each other and the thought that we'd have to spend 3 months separated by miles and miles of sea really hurts. But the both of us are trying to see through the positive side of it. There's always a silver lining behind every dark cloud, right?

Well, can't write much at the moment. For your information I'm in a cubicle somewhere in the UMS library and my times up. Plus, I'm already late for tennis with Fifah and the gang. I promise will elaborate more later. There's much more to tell you guys.


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