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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The day of reckoning...VIVA '05.

21st March 2005

Today is judgement day.

For those uninformed, today was the day of reckoning for all us third year students. Well, at least for Biotech students that is. Today initiates the opening day of VIVA presentation, where students ‘auctioned’ their thesis studies in front of their three respective lecturers. Of course, as daunting a task this is it’s actually the time where you’re given the opportunity to be smart for once; it’s your project and in a span of 15minutes or so you’re gonna share it with the world.

Of course, if only this was a perfect world…

First day was ok for some, but definitely gruesome for others. There were two rooms of which VIVA commenced, BT9 and BT11. Those in BT9 were not so unfortunate that the lecturers were kinda bit harsh here and there. But those in BT11, including Azfar and my collegues from IPB were rather lucky because the main threats (Dr. V and Prof. Ho) were on a good mood. Strangely today Dr. V was more than accepting; less threatening questions and comments as usual and most of the time just a few students had been given a rough time. Of course Lie, Jo, and the others from IPB did fine. I think. To me their thesis were great ones as well as their presentation and I hope they grade well. Azfar was the quickest presenter today. I mean REALLY quick. Most, if not all the students finished their session at least in 30 minutes after Q&A but Azfar did it in half the time. Talk about screeching through! His presentation was short but precise, and I think he did well in presenting his ideas. A few questions here and there. None too violent in nature. Again, lucky for them.

Now how about me? Well, today I just ran around from BT to BT trying to make people laugh, even those presenting. My session’s tomorrow and I’m here to give moral support for those presenting today. I believe most of them need it, and as a friend I’m sure they’d do the same if I was in their boats. Anyways, today concluded great. Congratulations to all of my peeps obtaining their independence this very equinox day.

22nd March 2005

Well, it’s my turn to face the world…

My turn was scheduled around 9.45am, but thankfully due to the reinstatement of a few students that weren’t able to finish yesterday my session was suspended until around 12.15pm. Today was not a better day as Dr. V and Dr. R kinda woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, if you know what I mean. Ee Chi’s Q&A session was longer than her presentation, as well as Sab and Ida. Faeza was the person preceeding me, and she had problems because her study was not completed as she did not achieve one of her vital objectives. A few bullets here and there, quite stressful, but not as stressful as Gamy’s session was. I guess it’s more of how you deliver your speech which brings forth the idea whether you’ll be bombarded with questions or not. My session was OK, at least that’s what I thought. I’m quite proud of myself actually. No questions for me, but I think I got a comment from Dr. V on how to bulk calculate the genetic similarity indexes. It was quite nice actually. Fifah who was proceeding myself did as valiantly as I, hers was great as well, and I’m happy for her as she was for herself. All in all, I guess we did a great job. But that did not meant it would be all bed and roses for the rest of the clan. Kak Fizah and Feeza got it really hard, I’m puzzled why especially Feeza. She had one of the best results among us, but her Q&A sucked like hell. It’s a pain being there seeing her bombarded with questions, especially from Dr. V. I mean, there’re others worse than her that had a less infuriating session but she had it bad. In a way I think she got a few definitions confused, but I think alas all this she did a very good job completing her thesis project on horseshoe crabs.

After VIVA Fifah and me decided to indulge ourselves in some Italian food, so there’s not other place to go than Pizza Hut. Had a very nice lunch and conversation with her and for the first time there was nothing on our minds to think about other than each other presence. It was a mixed emotional train today.

That concludes my report.


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