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Friday, February 11, 2005

Having all the time and not knowing how to spend it..

Okay, this week has been less hectic for me alright...a little too less hectic to my own liking...too much time and not knowing how to spend it.

I mean, one or two days off doing nothing is bliss; a week is a mammothful. I mean, it's like counting the's interesting the first few you count, but once you get to the 100th star you began to wonder : these astrologists are people with no hobbies, and then you realise that you've counted the 101th star twice already, then you confuse yourself with the number of stars you've counted and have to start over again - all to no avail. The stars will always be there; no use counting. Then you'll start to wonder why'd you be there in the first place counting them. Then you'd ask how you got there...see?

Even I confuse myself sometimes...

My grandparents arrived here a few days ago, for their annual visit to Sabah. Its great to have them here - it's so much fun chit-chatting with grandma after meals. It's even better having grandpa here as well; there's always something he'll do and we'll end up doing it together. In a way it's kinda like exercise as well, I don't exercise often (make that non at all) for the past few months and an island the size of Manukan is emerging from my belly. Kinda gives you a glimpse of 15 years to come, you know what I mean? Well we'd have some chatters after each daily meals - be it dinner, lunch or even breakfast. Minus breakfast for me that is; by the time I open my eyes it's either that they've already had breakfast or they'd just finished lunch. Don't get me wrong it's not that I wake up late, it's just that I chose to finish that last scene of me rescuing earth from intruding orcs - in my dreams.

Things have certainly been better these few days since they've arrived.

The funny thing is - I used to say that I've a lot of stuff to do, and don't have time to do it. But it's an understatement really. I have stuff to do, but non at all too much really...that I realised when I'd end up walking around the house in circles for at least 20 times daily, and then walking to the kitchen getting something to munch on and then resume my journey somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I've finished the draft to my thesis, definitely nothing more to do. Fifah's in Petagas and her parents are away - therefore she'd cater for her siblings and the house, being the eldest that she is; a cute eldest I would say. Hmm makes me think of her, miss her though...therefore I'd like to think that we students exagerrate so much that sometimes it's an understatement.

Dad : Jep, help rake the fallen leaves.
Jep : But dad, I have a lot of things to do.
Dad : Like what? I thought your thesis dah habis?
Jep : Well, there're other things than thesis I have to get by, dad.
Dad : Like what?
Jep : Er..there's! A three headed monkey!
Dad : Wha-? (At this point I'm already some 20kms away from my dad)

You see? We actually don't have that much to do; but instead we're just not in the mood to do anything. Therefore we use these meticulous excuses to get away with out lazyness. Escapism, that's what I call them. Good thing yesterday Ariff called, so at least I have something to do today - bowling. In the same time supporting Andi's undying hopes of winning at least one tourney before he goes for MAS in Mac. I believe he has what it takes - for the tourney as well as MAS.

This has been a very lazy week. But rest assured that next week everything will be as usual. The craze, work, deadlines, Dr. V, but definitely Fifah and the rest of the gang. Hah like they say - no joy without sorrow...:-)

toro para familia - everything for the family.


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